I Thought About It

I've been thinking about a lot of things lately; a lot of things blog and social media related. Here's what I've come up with:
⭐Blogging in general: What's the purpose? I'm just an average Jane...my opinion isn't any more important than any one else's. And, does anyone really care about what's going on in my life? I mean, like I said, I'm no more important than anyone else, so does it really matter?
⭐I try to keep my family's personal life out of my blog posts, so what is there to write about?
⭐I'm so sick of the political posts on FB & IG. Franklin Graham said my thoughts exactly during an interview (and I'm paraphrasing): The whole "everyone gets a trophy" has ruined today's young adults; they don't know how to lose. (He's my new hero!) 
It's great that we live in a country where we have free speech, but the destroying of property is not okay. They just look like spoiled brats who should have been at work or at school instead of destroying property.
⭐I can't even seem to find time to do the Wednesday Hodgepodge, or when I do, I don't have time to go back and read what everyone wrote. I'm such a Hodgepodge Failure. Big time. 
⭐And the Friday Foto Friends? Same thing. 
⭐I thought about shutting this blog down for a while. It pretty much has been shut down anyway. Or, maybe I should just commit myself to writing more some. I just get so far behind that it's just overwhelming to think of catching up, and this is supposed to be fun; something I want to do, not something I have to do.
⭐Honestly, my dad isn't doing well. My time & energy is going toward him. It's tough to see this big strong man who has never been sick deteriorate. I've had a bad cold this week, so I haven't been able to see him, and that's been tough...real tough. Talking on the phone isn't the same as seeing him and being around him; just spending time with him. 
⭐I'm trying to put things in perspective: what's really important and what's not. The political rants on social media are not important. Writing posts when I don't feel like it aren't important. Spending time with my daddy is important. 
So, here's my conclusion:
If I feel like writing, I'll write. That's basically what I've been doing, anyway, with this blog. If I feel like participating (and I mean really participating) in the Hodgepodge & Friday Foto Friends, I'll do it. And I won't feel guilty when I don't. 
I have a lot of things that are being put on hold right now, and this blog is just a small part. Thanks for your understanding and prayers!

{Friday Foto Friends} Happy New Year!

I'm joining Deb at Breathing in Grace to share what happened this past week using pictures. 
CH & I spent last week at St. Andrews State Park in Panama City Beach, Florida. It wasn't as warm as The Keys, but it didn't take nearly as long to get there. It was a good week of relaxation and strolling down memory lane.
Thomas' Donuts are a must!
We had some nice walks on the beach:

Since sunset was around 5:00, most days we were busy doing things, but we managed to get to where we could witness a pretty decent sunset:

1 morning I woke early enough to catch a glimpse of a sunrise:
I'm always on the lookout for "different" Christmas Trees. A few years ago, we went to the "Lighting of the Barrels" in Lynchburg, Tn. (home of Jack Daniels), and Marathon, Fl. has a tree made out of lobster traps. We happened to find a tree made out of crabtraps. The ornaments were made out of fishing floats.
 New Year's Eve, we went to Mass at St. Bernadette's. As we were leaving, CH noticed a grotto on the side of the building, so we took a peek and found Our Lady of Lourdes. 
 We got back from Mass and had dinner: veggies, rice, salad, and grilled shrimp. I think that was the nicest New Year's Eve I've ever had. After dinner, we sat around a fire for a bit, then watched "New Year's Eve" (the movie). 
 It's still Christmas according to the Catholic Calendar, so I'm continuing to enjoy my tree for just a couple more days.
I had a nice Christmas break, and am trying to slide back into my routine.  I hope you had a very nice New Year's Eve and Day!

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