Ringing in the New Year with the Wednesday Medley

It's just like the Wednesday Hodgepodge, but with a new name and a new "hostess with the mostess"! Much thanks to Terri for continuing our Wednesday Q&A...I'm looking forward to being reacquainted with old friends and meeting new ones.


National Science Fiction Day is celebrated annually on January 2nd by millions of science fiction fans across the United States.  The date of January 2 was chosen for National Science Fiction Day as it corresponds with the birth date of famed science fiction writer Isaac Asimov.   National Science Fiction Day is recognized by the Hallmark Channel and the Scholastic Corporation. 
Watch some classic science fiction t.v. shows or movies.  Start reading a science fiction novel. Use #ScienceFictionDay to post on social media.

1.  Will you observe National Science Fiction Day as recommended above?  Do you even like science fiction?
I'm not a fan of science fiction so I won't be observing it. I'm going to tuck this piece of information away for next year & do a week's worth of lessons on Isaac Asimov, though!
2.  Have you chosen a "word" for 2019?  Many people do. THIS QUIZ might help you find your word!!
For the past few years, I have used the Saint's Name Generator to choose a saint. 2019 Saint: 
 There was also a link for a Word of the Year so I did it...just out of curiosity:
3.  Did you stay up to see the new year in?  Are you happy or sad to see 2018 go?
I was in bed around 9:30 and yet the new year still came in without me being awake!
Eh, I'm pretty indifferent about seeing 2018 go. Thank goodness it was a pretty uneventful year. We brought in 2018 in windy, cold Panama City, Fl. and sent it out at home.
4.  I really enjoy the Tournament of Roses parade on New Year's Day but rarely get to sit and enjoy the entire parade because I am cooking.  Did you watch the parade?  Did you cook/eat the traditional foods (pork, black-eyed peas, kraut, greens...) to begin the new year?
No parade watching for me. The networks don't do parades like they used to...too much talking, not enough band coverage. 
We are going to have pork and a recipe for Hoppin' John that I found. No collard greens for this girl (she says with a shudder) and my black-eyed peas have to be in a recipe...not a stand-alone dish. 
5.  I have to ask... Resolutions.  Did you make any or set some new goals for 2019?  Or do you even think about it?
I don't even think about it. 
6.  Tell us something random about your week.
OS surprised us by coming home on Christmas Eve and he brought a guest...it was either the flu or some nasty virus. We didn't see him much on Christmas Day, but it was really nice to have all 3 boys at home. I wanted a picture but it took a while for CH to get his phone set up and OS thought he was going to get sick, so I said to just skip it. I did get this one though:
Our traditional picture following the opening of the Christmas Crackers & donning of the crowns.
I was awarded with "the most annoying toy to come out of the Crackers":

We left the day after Christmas for our annual New Year's trip. This year's destination was Manatee Springs State Park, Fl. and it was a bust. We ended up coming home on the 29th. Look for a post in the next couple of days all about it.
Thanks again, Terri, for hosting! Want to get in on the Wednesday Medley? Check her blog Your Friend from Florida on Tuesdays to get the questions, then don't forget to link up on Wednesdays!


  1. That is definitely an annoying toy lol. Happy New Year to you.

  2. Love the video, it made me smile!

  3. What a great idea to take a New Year's trip! I love it! So sorry ti did't work out this year, but hopefully you had fun anyway. Loved your answers! Have a nice day!


  4. Thanks for joining in on the Medley!! I'm sorry your trip to Manatee Springs was a bust. Glad you had all three of your boys home for the holiday, but sorry about the sickness. Hope no one else got it.


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