Mother May I Hodgepodge


I completely missed last week! Tuesdays seem to be creeping up on me rather quickly. Head over to Joyce's to see how everyone else answered the questions and to link in!

1. It's like my mama always said, "_______________________________________." 

The good Lord willin' and the creek don't rise. That makes my mama sound like a backwoods country girl (which she wasn't)! 

2. May 11th is National Eat What You Want Day. What will you be having by way of celebration?

Well, that day is today & I had no idea until 3:45 pm. I did have some trail mix with little pieces of chocolate in it. Not exactly what I should be eating so I guess that can count. 

3. Describe your idea of a perfect spring day.

Sitting on the back porch with the wind blowing, the smell of honeysuckle in the air. And me with a book in my hand watching the birds.

4. Success, fulfillment, growth, achievement...pick one and tell us how it relates to your life in some way, either currently or in days gone by. 

Growth. When things aren't perfect I know they are put there so I can grow. 

5. I saw this going around on various social media sites and thought it would be fun to answer here. The last thing you bought on Amazon is your weapon in battle. How will you wield it?  (if you're not an Amazon shopper, then the last thing you bought online anywhere)

The last thing I bought was a book. All the Light We Cannot See: A Novel   I honestly don't know what it's about since I bought it for a summer book club that I"m participating in with some ladies from church. So I have no idea how I'd use it!

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

This is the last full week of the school year. Tuesday is our last day. I'm so looking forward to just relaxing and not giving another thought to school. This has been a rough year with COVID and not knowing from 1 week to the next if we would be in school. My school system did (in my opinion) a pretty good job of keeping things as "normal" as possible. We weren't virtual for any length of time and the teachers at my schools tried their hardest to keep the kids on track. I'm just hoping next year will be more like it should be.

The Bloomin' Hodgepodge

Well, I was doing great for about a month or 2 with keeping up with the Hodgepodge! I'm trying to get back on track (and I still have 1 last post to write in my Canadian Maritimes series)! Wanna join? Joyce provides the questions on Tuesdays; answer and post on Wed. Don't forget to link up and visit with other bloggers!

 1. What are some memories you associate with spring? 

I don't have any specific memories that don't revolve around Easter. Flowers blooming, warmer weather, spring breaks are my memories.

2. April showers bring May flowers...was that saying proven true where you live? Snapdragons, anemones, carnations, lilacs, sweet peas, tulips, lily of the valley, orchids, roses, gardenias...which one on that list is your favorite May bloom? 

April hasn't been too rainy here this year. I love tulips! Sadly, I don't have any in my yard but I enjoy my next-door neighbors. (Who has the most beautiful, awesome yard!)

3. What are your top three distractions and how do you deal with them? 

Wandering mind, wandering mind, wandering mind! I try to get it back on track when I need to; otherwise, I just let it wander!

4. Do you eat beef? In the course of a week, how often is beef on the menu? A hamburger, steak, prime rib, or a roast beef dinner...which beef entree would you choose and yes you have to choose. Unless you're a vegan, and then you may pass. 

We've been eating a bit more red meat lately. I usually fix quite a bit of chicken but beef has taken over a bit. Give me a steak anytime, especially if it's cooked and seasoned just right.

5. In what way were you creative during the month of April?

I'm afraid I haven't been very creative during April. I did make a couple of things for my online teacher store, but I'm not going so far as to say they were very creative!

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

In the past few years, I haven't watched much television. I will binge here or there. Last weekend was a binge weekend. I found a couple of excellent Masterpiece shows to watch:

  • Atlantic Crossing: The Norwegian Monarchs during WWII.
  • All Creatures Great and Small: It's a year old, but I couldn't stop watching. And a trip to Yorkshire Dales is now on my list. Gorgeous scenery! If you've read the book, don't expect it to follow the same doesn't. Actually, it doesn't at all.
  • Endeavor: I found out a couple of weeks ago that there was a new season out. This show is a prequel to Morse, which has a sequel, Inspector Lewis. 
The Brits have so much better shows than we do. **sigh**

Top O' the Mornin' Hodgepodge

1. This week's Hodgepodge lands on St. Patrick's Day. Will you wear green? Eat corned beef and cabbage? Drink green beer? Have you ever been to Ireland? Is it on your travel 'bucket list'? 
Definitely will wear green and eat corned beef but cabbage...not so much. I went to Ireland a few years ago with my SIL and fell in love. Going back for an extended stay is on my bucket list!  I have an "Ireland" tab at the top of my blog, or you can just click here.

2. Something you think is 'worth its weight in gold'? 
Spending time with family.

3. Something that makes you 'green around the gills'? 
Blood. I can deal with poop, but blood? Ewwwww.

4. What puts a 'spring in your step' these days? 
Good news.

5. Write a limerick using one of the following as your theme....March, St. Patrick's Day, Covid, 2020 and/or 2021, the color green, or life lately. Yes, you can do it. 
There once was a lass named Mary
Whose life was just a bit harried.
She couldn't say why
And didn't want to lie
She said "Life is a bowl of cherries"!

6. Insert your own random thought here.  
This week is Spring Break for me, and I can't believe it's already Wednesday. Why is it that breaks/vacations go by so quickly?

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