100 Things About Me

Wow!  I'm already at my 100th post!  It would appear that along with the 100th post comes the obligation to list 100 things about me.  The  pressure is on:  Can I think of 100 things to list?  Here goes:

1.  I'm a mother to 3 handsome, happy young men.
2.  I delivered the last 2 babies (who weighed 9.1 & 10 pounds) naturally----not by choice.
3.  I'm a wife to the love of my life.
4.  We met at a fraternity house...okay, okay...the actual meeting was in a bar.
5.  I had known my husband for 8 1/2 months when we got married.
6.  I am almost 2 1/2 years older than him.
7.  We had been married for 5 years before we ever got to spend our anniversary together...courtesy of the U.S. Army.
8.  I used to be deathly afraid of thunderstorms.  That changed after husband was going to special forces school and I was forced to deal with it...alone.
9.  I had a car accident when I was 3 months pregnant with Oldest Son.  It wasn't my fault, and it totaled my car.  (Husband wasn't in town...he was at an Army school.)
10.  I have never lived by myself (not counting the times husband was at Army Schools).
11.  I am the 8th of 10 children.
12.   I am the youngest girl.
13.  I am a "Cradle Catholic".
14.  I am the 2nd person in my family to get a college degree.
15.  I am the 1st person in my family to earn a master's degree.
16.  I am the grandchild of an immigrant from what is now the Czech Republic.
17.  I played the flute in high school and college.
18.  I wanted to be in the flag corps in high school  but wasn't allowed to try out because I played an instrument.
19.  My junior year in high school I switched to the flugelhorn for marching season.
20.  I switched instruments (from flugelhorn to piccolo) on the field for one song.
21.  I played the bass flute in my college flute choir.
22.  I was on the flag corps for 4 years in college.
23.  I was a Little Sister for a fraternity in college.
24.  I was also a "brother" in the music fraternity.
25.  My first declared college major was Music.
26.  My second declared major was Spanish.
27.  My third declared major was Office Administration.
28.  My fourth (and last!) major was Communicative Disorders.  My parents were ecstatic when I finally made a decision on my career.
29. Sometimes if I hear a song that I think is beautiful, it makes me cry.
30.  My minor was Spanish.
31.  I am not fluent in Spanish, in fact, I can barely speak it.
32.  I love to read.
33.  I wrote poetry when I was in high school and college.
34.  At one time, I wanted to be a writer.
35.  At another time, I wanted to be a nurse.
36.  I am terrible with math and science (therefore, #35 wouldn't have worked out!).
37.  Misspelled words is a major pet peeve.
38.  Bad grammar is also a major pet peeve.
39.  I can't stand to hear somebody say, "Where are you at?" (My mom used to answer with:  "Between the "a" and the "t".)
40.  I have passed that answer down to my kids, as well as my husband.
41.  I'm a very loyal friend.
42.  I would do almost anything for a friend if they asked.
43.  I am a bit selfish.
44.  I often forget to ask friends  if they need my help because I have something else on my mind.
45.  I'm extremely organized at work.
46.  I'm not so organized at home.
47.  I've lived in 3 Southern States.
48.  The farthest west I've been is Arizona.
49.  The farthest north I've been (in the mid-USA) is Rochester, Mn.
50.  The farthest north I've been (in the eastern US) is New York City (for the Macy's Parade)
51.  I went to the Bahamas in high school with the band.
52.  It was my first time on an airplane.
53.  I did not enjoy being in the Bahamas with the nasty hotel.
54.  The summer of 2009 was my first time overseas.
55.  I went to Copenhagen, Denmark with my husband and Youngest Son.
56.  I had an amazing time.
57.  I could live in Denmark, if I could speak Danish.
58.  I have always wanted to visit Germany,  Switzerland, and Austria.
59.  I used to have posters of above countries on the wall in my bedroom.
60.  I have no desire to go to Central or South America.
61.  I would like to go to Canada.
62.  I also want to visit New England in the Autumn.
63.  I played tennis in high school.
64.  I played "old lady" tennis for the past 4 summers.
65.  I get "dehydration" headaches when I play tennis in the summers (which is why I'm taking this summer off).
66.  My very first car was a Dodge Omni.
67.  My very first dog was a little dog named "Gizmo", who had parvo when we got him and he passed away a few weeks after we got him.
68.  My next dog was a pit bull named "Duke" (what else would you name a pit?)
69.  After Duke came Scooter (schnauzer mix), Dixie (whose mother was 1/4 wolf and 3/4 malamut; father was a german shephard), Abby (who had been abandoned and was some kind of hound dog mix), Petey (pit/chow mix), Molly (supposedly a pit bull, but looked more like a boxer with a long snout), and finally Ally (my schnauzer) and Pepper (my Jack Russell mix).  I love my dogs.
70.  When I was little, I wanted to be the first female flutist on Lawrence Welk.
71.  My eyes were opened (as far as my talent!) when I went to college and realized I was a little fish in a big pond.
72.  When I'm cooking, sometimes I pretend I'm hosting a show for Food Network.
73.  I'm addicted to the "Real Housewives".
74.  I love Big Bang Theory
75.  I can't get enough of Mark Harmon in NCIS.
76.  I moved my family to my small  town after living away for 20 years.
77.  I live up the street from the house where I grew up, and where my parents still live.
78.  My first job was in the basketroom at the public pool.
79.  I was a guard instructor for some high schools in N. Ga. for 6 years.
80.  I have an incredible sweet tooth.
81.  I don't care for cooked vegetables.
82.  I didn't go to Kindergarten.
83.  I went to a parochial school for First Grade only...the school closed after that.
84.  The school I went to for Second Grade was a gym...the school burned down the summer before I was suppose to start there.
85.  I was in Third Grade when the school system integrated.
86.  I missed out on my Valentine's Day Party that year because of a riot at the high school.
87.  Part of my 8th Grade Year was spent at the high school because the school system started renovating the jr. high.
88.  I was voted "Most Likely to Succeed" by my graduating class.
89.  I find fireworks boring.
90. My favorite flavor of popsicle  is banana.
91.  My favorite flavor of ice cream is cookie dough.
92.  I love the beach except for all that sand.
93.  I laugh a lot.  (probably too much)
94.  I hate housework.
95.  I love autumn.
96.  I yell when I watch sports...even if I don't quite understand the game...even if it's on tv.
97.  My favorite sport to watch is football.
98.  I spend most New Year's Days by myself in front of the tv, flipping through the football games.  (Which is perfectly fine with me...at least I enjoy the company!)
99.  I try not to take things too seriously.
100.  I can't believe I came up with 100 things  to say about myself!

I hope I didn't bore you with the "obligatory post"!  Maybe you learned something about me you didn't know...or want to know!


  1. Loved it! I feel like I have known you forever after reading the 100 countdown. You are my kind of people.

  2. Great list! My first job was at that same public pool in the concession stand!


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