{Friday Foto Friends} A Little Bit of This...

Joining Deb at Breathing in Grace for Friday Foto Friends!
I finally remembered to snap a picture of the moutain behind the school's gym last Friday. As you can see, there are no signs that there was a fire from where I was standing.
If you look closely (I helped you out by putting an arrow in the picture!), you can see the charred trees at the top of the hill.
1st batch of Texas Millionaires for 2016 is in the books. This went to the ladies who clean my house, and my daddy's house.
This little girl was enjoying some neck scratches! She's just a tad bit spoiled!
That's it for this week! It was a busy week with not a lot of pictures (obviously!). Hope you had a good week!


  1. Your Texas Millionaires look great. Do you ever share your recipes?

  2. Oh that candy sure looks delicious! The charred trees look far away, but I'm sure the fire was too close for comfort. Praise God the rains came!

  3. Those Texas Millionaires look delicious!

  4. Your Texas Turtles look so yummy! I want one! lol Enjoyed visiting with you today!

  5. I'm so glad that the fires are about out and Gatlinburg opened back up today. It's been so heartbreaking! That candy looks soooo good. I'm a chocoholic! Thanks for linking up with us today!


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