A Foodie Wednesday Medley

It's just like the Wednesday Hodgepodge, but with a new name and a new "hostess with the mostess"! Much thanks to Terri for continuing our Wednesday Q&A...I'm looking forward to being reacquainted with old friends and meeting new ones.
Frozen Yogurt Day was the most fun of the choices for today's first question.  I have no idea why the creator chose a winter day to celebrate a frozen dessert, but here we are!!  Let's talk about food today (one of my favorite subjects)!
1.  Today, Wednesday, February 6th, is Frozen Yogurt Day!  A cold dessert on what must be a very cold day for most of you reading this today!  Do you enjoy frozen yogurt?  Does it matter what the weather is?  Share with us your favorite flavor and/or topping, please!!
I'm not a big fan of frozen yogurt but I do love some BlueBell ice cream! This flavor has just come to my area:
2.  What food do you know you shouldn't eat but can't help yourself?
3.  If your life was a meal, what kind of meal would it be?
Something regular and Americana...nothing fancy.
4.  Do you like spicy food?  Why or why not?  What is the spiciest food you have ever eaten?
Nope, I like to enjoy my food. I have no idea what the spiciest food I've ever eaten was...I pretty much steer clear.
5.  (Most of you know I have been sick with a cold.) What food do you eat or crave when you have a bad cold?
Nothing. If I have a sore throat I crave banana popsicles. If I'm getting over a stomach bug I want peanut butter crackers.
6.  Please tell us something random about your week (and maybe it will involve food).
I came home a couple of days ago to YS making cornbread and bacon jam. I had never even heard of bacon jam before, but it was absolutely delicious! He's moving out to his first apartment this weekend. It's going to be really strange to not have him here, but it's time for my littlest chick to fly. OS is staying with us for a while so he'll be able to move in the basement and take over YS' space. Yep, the granddog is in the house, too. 

Thanks again, Terri, for hosting! Want to get in on the Wednesday Medley? Check her blog Your Friend from Florida on Tuesdays to get the questions, then don't forget to link up on Wednesdays!


  1. Well that bacon Jan stopped me in my tracks. Can't even imagine. Love the grand dog! And i have always loved banana popsicles. And orange popsicles. Have a great week.

  2. Ooh ... that reminds me. I actually have a jar of bacon jam here that I had wanted to try.


  3. Bacon jam!! Oh my goodness, does that sound good! LOL We like Blue Bell ice cream too. I'll have to look for that flavor at Publix!! Thanks for joining in today!!

  4. Your Granddog is so cute!!!
    I have a weakness for chcolate too. Loved your answers! Enjoy the rest of your week.


  5. Oh my goodness the pics of the grand dog are too cute!!! Have a great week!


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