Weekend Wrap-Up

Another weekend gone. One more weekend closer to Christmas. YIKES! The good thing is that the boys really don't want anything for Christmas...except money. That makes it easier on CH & I...at least time-wise!
Friday, the Small Town Football Game played in the State Championship Game. They brought home the gold ball for the 14th time! They just pounded the other team until they got tired and beat them 20-0. There were 5 area teams playing in 6 of the games; Small Town and the Catholic Team were the only 2 that won.
Saturday, I went over to one of my sister's for some cookies & wine. There were only 5 of us: my sister, 2 of her friends, my nephew's wife, and myself. We had a good time, although my sister said she envisioned our cookies looking like something from the Food Network. She was soooo disappointed!
(This was taken after 1 of my sister's friends had already gone. Look how sassy my niece is! LOVE HER!)
 My sister is into historic quilts...she finds them, researches them, and repairs them. We had a little fun with one of them:
Sunday was Mass, then some resting. I did manage to do just a little bit of decorating:
(I haven't managed to get the angel on the top...that box is still downstairs!)

We're in the planning stages of planning our vacation this summer to Colorado, so if anyone has any suggestions, let me know. 

That was the extent of my weekend. Nothing too exciting or strenuous. I was supposed to go to a Christmas Party at a friend's on Friday night, but I was just worn out. 
How was your weekend?


  1. That quilt is beautiful! Cute picture. So glad you had a nice weekend.

    Hubby and I put our tree up Thursday but I still haven't finished decorating it. Hopefully this evening.

    Hope you have a great day Mary.

  2. Congrats to your Small Town football team...again :) Your weekend sounds like it was a good one.

    Kathy (from Reflections by Kathy)

  3. Your tree looks fabulous, even without the Angel topper! That quilt is gorgeous and how great that your sister and get the old quilts and restore them. Awesome! Your niece is adorable!! Hope you got rested and can enjoy the rest of the week!

  4. Ooooh, Colorado! One of my favorite states, and definitely one of the most beautiful! My dad grew up on a farm outside of Denver and we loved visiting as kids. I haven't been in a long time, but I'm sure there is tons of info online. Try Trip Advisor-put in your destination or question of things to do, and people are usually helpful there. Also, search Pinterest. I just pinned a trip through the parks in Utah someone has all planned and mapped out : )

  5. Mary...I love Colorado so much I could probably move there. So much beauty, you can hardly take it in. We went to Vail a couple of times and absolutely loved it there! Another favorite town is Frisco...some neat little shops to walk around in. I don't think you can go wrong anywhere you go.

  6. Glad you had the time to spend with family again :) That quilt, btw, is really pretty. It almost looks like it has poinsettia plants on it.


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