Foto Friday {8}

I seem to have an obsession with skies lately. 
After Adoration 2 weeks ago (because I didn't post Foto Friday last week):
The morning skies have been spectacular lately:


 Even the afternoon skies have been amazing:
After having my car for 4 years, I have to thank whoever painted the lines on the school parking lot for this:
And, I can also thank whoever parked beside me with a red car who decided to leave a little piece of his vehicle on my car. Ugh. I've started parking at the end of the parking lot.
Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


  1. My car has so many dings on it, I quit counting. Some people have no respect....lots of people have not respect. Your sky photos are gorgeous!

  2. I've seen the most beautiful pastel skies in the morning & evenings too. Love it

  3. Great pics of beautiful skies!


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