Vacation 2016: Let the Sight-Seeing Begin!

We finally got to SD and got our "home" set up. We had a quick breakfast at the cafe at the campground, then our discovery of the Black Hills began.  At the end of the first day, YS & I had a mountain to climb. If you look at the end of the arrow, there is an American Flag there. I climbed that mountain!
YS & I at the top of the mountain:
The "view" of Mt. Rushmore from the top:
 & when we got back to our campsite...just ahead of a thunderstorm:
In the Black Hills, we saw animals:


(This is what it will one day look like:)

Beautiful lakes:

Rocks that were tight squeezes:
Brave rock climbers:
(Here's a close up shot)
Rocks that looked like Darth Vader:
 a dwarf:
& a snail:
 Rocks that had roads cut through them:

 Amazing views:

Famous resting places:
 Wild Bill Hickock's grave:
 Calamity Jane rests right beside him.
This is the grave of a famous madame...the first known madame to franchise her business:
(Side note: that was all there was in Deadwood...except for gambling.)
 Incredible skies:

And one of the highlights of the trip, WINE!

We enjoyed it so much, we went 2 days in a row.
An added plus: there is a brewery right next door!
CH & YS took a ride down an Alpine Slide:

 An interesting site in Custer:
 I found something that reminded me of Berlin, except they have bears, and it's in, well, South Dakota!

We got a good laugh when we saw this shirt.
"The Dragon" is a stretch of road that is partly in the county where I live. It's a big motorcycle destination, but it's also very dangerous (318 curves in 11 miles). Numerous people die every year. "Iron Mountain Road" appeared to be a much safer, better paved road. It boasts 17 miles, 314 curves, 14 switchbacks, 3 pigtails, 3 tunnels, 4 presidents (you can see Mt. Rushmore as you go through them), and 2 splits.

We had an awesome time in the Black Hills. After 5 full days, it was time to pack up and head to Colorado for a few days.


  1. Wow!! That's really all I can say. What beautiful country and great photos! I've never been, but my mom went there on vacation with some girlfriends after my dad died. They had such a good time.

  2. Wow, that's quite a trip! How hot was it there? I can't even go outside here. LOL

    1. They said it was hotter than usual...upper 80's with only about 40% humidity (which they said was high for them). But it was a "dry heat"! The nights were cool; we had a fire most nights & I put a sweatshirt on once the sun went down.

  3. Wow! Great trip!
    Thanks for sharing your photos.

  4. Wow!! MAry, this is fantastic! And I'm so glad you had your son to experience it with :) The pictures are great. I can imagine how in awe you were every time you turned around. That slide looks fun and the graves, so interesting!

  5. VERY cool! Great pics, and way to climb that mountain! Most of the animals didn't surprise me, but I didn't know that there were marmots in the Black Hills; I would've thought the elevation was too low. But maybe since it's farther north? Anyway, I like the little guys, so it's fun that you got to see some.


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