A Royal Knot

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Raise your hand if you were up at 4:30 to watch Harry & Meghan get married. I didn't set my alarm but I woke up at 4:00, thought "It's too early", again at 4:30 and thought "I'll catch it on replay". Then at 5:30 Laika woke me up to go outside so I got my coffee going (no tea for this girl) and turned on the telly. I turned it on just in time to see Sarah Ferguson arrive. Doesn't she look fabulous?
Speaking of looking fabulous: Serena Williams. She appeared to be very inconspicuous and didn't seem to make a spectacle of herself. I'm sorry, but some of those hats were ridiculous, and not in a good way. I just don't get the little "half-hats" sitting cock-eyed on the head. Not everybody can pull that off, for sure.
Let me back up a bit. I watched some of the "pre-wedding" shows on Friday night. Why in the world does some of the media have to zero in on Meghan's ethnicity? She is a beautiful American woman who will become a princess and will become royalty by marriage. Does it really matter that she is biracial? I'll go ahead and answer that right now: NO. It just makes my blood boil to hear the media mention ethnicity. In my opinion, that just separates us more and doesn't bring us together as Americans. That's another reason I've stopped watching tv for the most part.
Who would have known that Prince Harry would be so handsome after seeing those pictures of him in his adolescence?  I just love Harry's and William's relationship. They've been through so much in their lives; it's touching to see how close they are. When I watched Friday night I noticed how William is balding, but Harry appeared to have a full head of hair, but Saturday, as they greeted the ministers there, was a good shot of Harry's back of his head. Oops...looks like he is balding as well.
No doubt, Harry & Meghan are a striking couple. I don't keep up with all of the goings on with the Royal Family (I didn't even know Kate was pregnant until after she had her youngest), but how great is it that Diana's boys have continued their mother's causes and have continued her legacy?
Someone said to me that Meghan's life is about to drastically change, but I beg to differ.  She's used to paparazzi, she knows how to conduct herself in public, she's already done so much in the way of humanitarian efforts, she just hasn't had a title or done it in the name of a royal family. I think she unknowingly has been groomed for this moment in her life and I think she's going to do GREAT. She's poised, classy, and elegant.
Didn't the Queen & Prince Phillip look great? I was amazed at how, even at 92, steady Queen Elizabeth is on her feet, how steady her gait is. What an incredible woman!
Prince Charles appeared to be asleep during the preaching, didn't he? Bishop Curry was a bit long-winded. I think they should have given him a time limit. The sermon was good, but I'm just sayin'.
Oh, that cellist!!! Only 19 years old but what poise! Absolutely beautiful. It was good to see Prince Charles actually talking with Meghan's mom...good to know he can be "real" and not too "royal"!
Overall, what a beautiful wedding, a mix of British and American culture. A wonderful blending of both of their worlds. I'm expecting this couple to do great things together!


  1. I think it's beautiful. I hope they are very happy together. :)

  2. I DVR'd it to watch later, which I did. I wasn't interested enough to get up early. I actually started watching around 1:30 and zipped through five hours in less than two hours. I agree about the ridiculous hats. Her mom looked great. The dress was not what I expected. Plain and more classic. They make a cute couple and I agree about the press on her race. She is American, beautiful and knows how to conduct herself in the public eye. I hope they make a go of it. The Queen looked great and I was happy to see Philip. Camilla... ugh. The kids were all adorable and that cellist was absolutely amazing.

  3. I turned on the TV in the middle of Curry's sermon (I listened to it in it's entirety later in the day). I thoroughly enjoyed the wedding. I think my favorite was the choir with the male soloist. What a beautiful voice.

  4. Well I was up at 1 am and watched it all. Yes Sarah looked lovely. I agree, why can't they just stop talking about her ethnicity. I do keep up with the Royal family. I follow a few sites on Facebook. I've been in love with them since Diana got married. I do think they will do great things together. She was stunning and has a heart for helping others. They are a beautiful couple along with William and Kate. I think her boys have found their happily every after's....

  5. Of course I watched. I loved it. We lived near Windsor and I was there at least once or twice a week so seeing the town was a real treat too. I thought the queen looked particularly lovely. The color combo suited her so well. Something I learned in the UK...many wear the hats with that 'one-sided' look as there is much cheek kissing and having one side of your face available makes it easier.


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