Great Adventure of 2019: Part 1

We've been home from our Great Adventure of 2019 for 3 months and I'm just getting around to writing about it! This was a trip we started planning a few years ago, but then my Daddy passed away so we put it on hold. Our destination: The Canadian Maritimes. CH visited when he & a friend rode motorcycles to Newfoundland & Labrador but it was my first time to visit Canada. I went through 6 new states on the way. When we began to seriously plan our route, I had a request: to spend a day in New Hampshire with a friend. It turned out to be a good rest-day for CH after 2 days of driving.
Ready for our Great Adventure of 2019!
The first day of driving was smooth...until we were in WV. We hit a lot of torrential rain, wind, and thunderstorms for about 2 hours. We weren't sure if we were going to reach our planned destination but we did. We found a hotel just outside of Hershey, PA. There were 2 hotels side-by-side and we chose the one with a covered entrance. Note to self: don't ever choose a hotel because it has a covered entrance when it's raining! The young lady at the front desk was very helpful when it came to suggesting someplace to eat. I thought the room was okay, but CH said I didn't look very closely at it. Glad he said that as we left and not as we got there; I definitely would have had to ask for another room. 
Looked like a sunny day for Day #2
Day 2 was completely smooth. We pulled off the interstate somewhere in Connecticut for lunch. We talked with another couple and asked about a town square in this particular town. We were told there wasn't one in this town, but if we went about 10 miles down the road we would see a very typical New England town square. It was really nice to get off the interstate & see some of the countryside. In fact, we didn't get back onto the interstate until we left NH and traveled into Canada.

I have no idea where we were, just that we were in CT somewhere. In the town the lady directed us to, there was a very old cemetery. We found it very interesting that there was a plot literally right in a schoolyard. 
If I'm not mistaken, most of these (if not all) were memorials, not graves.

Found a gnome!

Some of the grave markers were too worn to see the dates
The cemetery was a good place to stop and stretch our legs a bit before we traveled on to see my friend. Annie is a fellow Speech/Language Pathologist and blogger who I "met" online some years ago. We met in person a few years ago in New Orleans at a conference. I couldn't believe I was in her town!
Shortly after this picture, CH showed me how to change the selfies so it wasn't backward!
We stayed at The Common Man Inn. The room was very spacious and there were pictures of the area all around the halls. The grounds were beautiful; it was nice to just sit and enjoy.

 Annie & her husband met us for dinner that night. I just couldn't believe I was in NH with her! We laughed & laughed, and then laughed some more.
The next day, they took us around town. The claim to fame of this town is not only a college but also a plant that makes baseball gloves...Babe Ruth had a glove from here.

There were stone walls all over the place...reminded me of Ireland!
Sculptured Rocks was a really cool place. It made the rocks and the river in the Great Smoky Mountains pale in comparison. 

Standing on a bridge looking down

As an added plus, I got to see Annie's Speech Room!
I also got to see her house (which is an old farmhouse with amazing fireplaces) and sit on her back porch. I ended the day with a severe headache so we had to cut our day a little short. CH & I went back to the inn. I really hope they come down to see us at some point so we can show them around the Smokies.

The first leg of our trip was done. We were ready to cross the border and get to New Brunswick!


  1. We'll make it to TN someday! I do wish our visit hadn't been cut short (another note to self, "Never give up caffeine on vacation!" :)

    1. Gosh, I hope so! Yes, I think the no caffeine had something to do with it!

  2. Welcome back! I've never been to Canada. That's disappointing about the room. I always like walking through cemeteries, they can be so interesting. The Inn looks lovely and how nice to meet up with your friend. The town sounds very nice. Sorry about your headache. Looking forward to the rest of your trip.

  3. Enjoying your trip so far. Is the gnome a thing in cemeteries now? How fun to get to meet up with a blogging friend in real life. Looking forward to seeing and hearing more about your travels.

    1. I don't know about gnomes in cemeteries being a thing. Guess I should google it!


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