From My Kitchen: November 2021


Our household has changed a lot over the past year. All of our sons have moved back home during the year (not at the same time), and then a couple moved out. MS, who lived in LA for the past few years, moved home and brought his palate with him. One of the recipes he brought to me is Chicken Pad Thai. 

Chicken Pad Thai in a white bowl
Granted, that isn't the best presentation, but I can tell you that it tastes amazing. I found the recipe on Cooking Classy. While Jaclyn admits this is not the "traditional" Pad Thai, it uses common ingredients found in all grocery stores. The hardest thing to find would be bean sprouts. If you've never bought them, they can be found in the refrigerated section of the produce department. We've made this dish twice and haven't put bean sprouts in them. The first time we forgot we had them and the second time I forgot to put them on my list. No matter; since I don't know what it tastes like with them, they weren't missed. 

I need to note that in the above picture, I didn't use the right kind of rice noodles. I bought the angel hair noodles, but you need thicker noodles. MS also put in some "Slap ya mama" seasoning which added the slightest kick. MS couldn't taste it, but I detected a trace. Word of warning: if you try this seasoning and aren't a fan of spicy, use sparingly.

Chicken Pad Thai is a quick dinner. Chopping the vegetables was the most time-consuming part of the recipe. This is definitely going on our meal rotation.


  1. Thai food might be my favorite of all the foods, and I love pad thai. Bean sprouts are a bit unusual in texture but I don't think they have a lot of taste. I will have to try your recipe. And I can't make anything too hot for hubs!

  2. I may have to check this out as my husband loves Pad Thai.

  3. Glad to hear the boys have been around. The meal does sound yummy. Thank you.


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