Miscellaneous Friday Fotos

There aren't a lot of photos from this week, but I do have a couple along with a video of one of our pups. 
I saw this turtle in the fountain as I was walking one evening. I don't think it's the same one I saw in a different section of the park, but they were very similar in size.

This is what my room in my mountain school looks like. I don't know if I'll be getting flooring in or not. I'm okay with the polished "industrial look" but I do need my stuff put back in!
The brook was filled to the brim after a summer storm. I'm thankful for the afternoon rains we're getting.

And last but not least: Here's Laika performing so she can get her chewy:

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Oh my goodness! Laika is awesome!! Big turtle isn't it? Hope you have a great weekend Mary.

  2. Enjoyed your photos. Love the turtle and Laike performing. Hope your room gets filled with your things.

  3. Your dog does a great Chewbacca impression!

  4. Nice post thank you Victor


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