Exploring East Tennessee: Grain Bin Commodities

Wow. It's been a "hot minute" since I've written one of these posts...2 years (almost to the day) to be exact. I hope to be writing more of these in the near future.

CH & I used our Harvest Hosts membership to stay the night in Maeve Anne at a unique place. Grain Bin Commodities is a bakery in the middle of a farm in Sweetwater, TN. It was just a hop, skip, and jump off of I75. 
Entrance to Grain Bin Commodities
Callie & Craig are a super sweet couple who own the business. Callie started the bakery with her mom in their home, and after the spare bedrooms were used for packaging and storing Craig decided he wanted his home back. They began building but he wasn't happy with the contractor. He fired him and found another one who had the building up in no time. And then COVID hit. Amidst that chaos, they continued to build on to what was already on the farm to add to the charm. 
The Bakery

What they have now is simply amazing. There is the bakery, but there is also a patio with beautiful scenery in the background, a barn for private events, and an outdoor fireplace for those chilly fall/spring East TN nights. 
The Event Barn

The Patio

How relaxing would it be to sit here and look out at the East TN Countryside?
The view!

Outdoor fireplace
They paid very close attention to every little detail. You can even see it in their bathrooms. 
The bakery is "farm to table". Craig said they are going to try to grow their own grain so it will everything will truly be from the farm.  We went in right at opening time on a Saturday morning, and things were really bustling. Carrot cake muffins were just coming out of the oven right before we left. They have an amazing array of baked goods, from country ham and cheese bite-sized muffins to cupcakes. It was really hard not buying at least one of everything.

Coffee Cake Donut and Cream Cheese Roll

Scone, country ham & cheese muffins, sausage balls
This is definitely a place I'd go back to. It's only about an hour from my house so it could easily be done without spending the night. If you're traveling between Chattanooga and Knoxville, it would be a wonderful detour to stretch your legs and buy some baked goods. And, if you're a member of Harvest Hosts and need a place to stay for the night, this is worth a stay.
They are working on building a few small "cabins" that look quite nice. So, if you don't have an RV or aren't self-contained, this is also a possibility.
View of the field across the street. The camping spots are below the camper in the picture.

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  1. Oh wow! Wish I had an RV! Who knew this little piece of paradise was in our own backyard. We will have to check the bakery out,,,yum! Sweetwater is such a cool little town. BTW, the discount link you posted goes to a blogger dashboard. Congratulations on your retirement! Enjoy all the camping!


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