Tipping for the Hodgepodge

Joyce asks the questions, and we provide the answers. See how others answered at From This Side of the Pond.

1. Do you have a word for the year (WOTY)? If so, and you'd like to share, please share. How do you decide on a word? If you don't have a word are you still on the hunt for one for 2024? 

This is the first time in about 4 years I haven't had a word. Usually the word just comes to me. As I'm typing this, the word "Adventure" came to mind. CH made me promise him that I would travel and I have 1 trip planned with family in April. I'm hoping to go on another trip later in the year but I'm waiting to hear if I can get a spot or not. 

2. January 23rd is National Pie Day...will you celebrate? Do you like pie? What's your favorite? 

As luck would have it, I had an errand to run right next to Buttermilk Sky Pie yesterday so I picked up a few small ones. So, I'd say we'll be celebrating at my house! I'm not a huge pie person; I prefer icing cake. I like a good Key Lime Pie or any kind of cream pie the best.

3. Tipping. What are your thoughts, expectations, as to who, when where? Do you appreciate a store/restaurant giving a 'suggested amount'? Have you ever left an extravagant tip? 

CH & I had a running joke about knowing how much to tip. When we first got married, I'd tip $5. It didn't matter how much the bill was, the waitress would get $5. TN's tax is right at 10% so it's easy for me to figure out how much to tip. If the service is exceptional, I'll tip more. The only huge tip we've given is when we go to a local restaurant for dinner and have a coupon for a free meal for 2. We would give the server the amount that the meal would have been. 

4. Share with us one household 'tip' that works for you. 

Wiping down my bathroom countertops/sink and toilet before I go to bed at night. I love waking up to a clean bathroom! I had been trying to sweep my kitchen floor before I go to bed but I've gotten a little lazyish lately and haven't done it. 

5. Influencers on social media are people who've built a reputation for their knowledge and expertise on a particular subject. Do you follow any influencers online? Have you made a purchase or tried something new because of that 'influence'? If there's one you particularly enjoy tell us who they are and why you enjoy them. 

Ugh. Really? I'm not a big fan of the word; it really leaves me with negative feelings. I'm not sure if these people can be called "influencers", but I do follow a couple from NC who are campers. They started in a van similar to mine but have since upgraded. I bought a mattress topper that he recommended because I figured it must have been a good one since they're roughly our age. Van Trekking Lifestyle

6. Insert your own random thought here.

I honestly don't know how you Northerners do it. We had a snowstorm that came through 8 days ago and we still have a lot of snow on the ground. Schools are still out but hopefully will be back in session tomorrow since the temps are finally supposed to stay above freezing. I don't ever remember snow being on the ground for this long. 

This was our first day out in the snow. Laika (the big dog) was not a fan!
Someone made some beautiful snow angels in the park!
The glaze on the snow was beautiful when light shone on it.


  1. When I worked in your county schools back in 1984 we had only 12 days of school in January. It was crazy! It's pretty though. I haven't been to Buttermilk but might have to check that out next time we're in town. I'll call you and we have pie together : )

  2. These were great questions and it's always fun to see all of our different answers as we all interrupt them so differently. Have a great rest of the week!

  3. What beautiful snow pics! I love to go to bed with a clean kitchen, but I'm sometimes too tired to deal with the dishes. :-)

  4. I enjoyed your answers. I like icing, I mean cake better than pie as well, but it also depends on the pie and who made it. I live in a part of Washington that doesn't get much snow, so when it does snow, it messes with our lives a lot...haha. Plus we live on a hill


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