Bringing Back Friday Fotos

Photo by Designecologist:

I decided it's time for me to revive my "Friday Fotos". It's a way for me to find the beauty in my everyday life and share it on Fridays. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep this up, at least for a while. This post is a short one!

Gurl Dogg rarely gives me cuddles. The other day she crawled onto my lap and laid her head on my shoulder. 

I popped into the church and noticed the light produced a shadow of the cross behind the crucifix. 

During a walk, I noticed a branch fell and landed sideways with other branches holding it in place. Interesting.

If you read "An Opinionated Hodgepodge", you've already seen this picture. YS put some bird seed on the window ledge in my office so I could enjoy the birds up close & personal. This titmouse seemed interested in what I was doing before he grabbed a snack.
I took this as a sign of how safe the Small Town is. I noticed this child's bike the day before I snapped this photo. It was in the same place the next day. Gurl Dogg is checking it out.

What interesting and/or beautiful things did you see in your world this week? Notice the world around you and take a photo each day of something beautiful. 

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