Calling on the Mayday Hodgepodge

Joyce asks the questions, and we provide the answers. See how others answered at From This Side of the Pond. 

1. Mayday! Mayday!...when was the last time (or a recent time) you literally or figuratively needed to call for help? Elaborate. 

Somewhere in Ireland, I had to text my sister to find out what room we were in. During the 6-day tour, there were only 2 nights that we stayed in the same hotel. I didn't pay much attention to the room numbers because my sisters always take care of me! That night, though, I stopped by the restaurant to get some dessert to go so I was on my own. 

2. May Day...when was the last time you danced? Do you have a lot of baskets? What's something you keep in a basket? What's your favorite purple flower? 

I can't remember the last time I danced in public. I'm not a dancer, for sure. I don't have a lot of baskets, in fact, I think I only have a couple. One of them is a small one that I use for a bread basket during the holidays. My favorite purple flower is lavender.

3. What's something you may do this month? 

I may get around to painting my bedroom and hanging curtains. I may not, though.

4. Do you like eggplant? Quick topic changes lol? If you said yes in answer to the eggplant question how do you like yours prepared? Of the following purple foods, which one is your favorite...plums, purple carrots, purple asparagus, eggplant, acai berries, blackberries, purple cauliflower, elderberries, purple potatoes, or passion fruit? 

I enjoy a good eggplant parm. I have a super easy recipe for it; it only takes 30 minutes and it is delicious. My favorite purple food would be plums. I didn't even know there were purple carrots, asparagus, cauliflower, or potatoes.

5. The calendar turns on Hodgepodge Day...

"Then you have to remember to be thankful; but in May one simply can't help being thankful that they are alive, if for nothing else."-L.M. Montgomery

Tell us one thing you're thankful for today. 

I'm thankful for my siblings. I wouldn't have been able to get through the past year without them.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

I've been busy getting things done around the house that have been neglected. It's keeping me really busy and I think I have one more project to do before I can take a breath. We've had drainage issues, as in water draining into the basement when it rains. Hopefully, that's taken care of through some landscaping and a drain in the driveway. I'm really pleased with how the front yard looks...they did an incredible job. 


  1. Your yard looks so pretty! I think you know my hubs loves to dance : ) Have a great day!

  2. I have to hang some curtains in my son's room too and somehow it keeps slipping by me

  3. Your yard looks lovely! I know you are pleased!! I've done that same thing in a hotel . . . and I've dreamed about it, too!

  4. Hope your drainage issues have been solved. So good to have supportive siblings. Happy May to you!


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