Friday Fotos 2024 #7

Friday Fotos is a post where I can dump some photos from the previous week. The goal is to make me more aware of the beauty and fun in my everyday life. 

If you're an Outlander fan, you should get this license plate I saw.
I did some "Cemetery Sightseeing" on Saturday. I read about this monument in a cemetery in Knoxville to the Sultana, a steamboat that was hired to carry Civil War POWs from Vicksburg, MS to the northern states. The passenger capacity of the steamboat was 376 but there were over 2000 prisoners on board. Long story short(er), there was a problem with a leak in one of the boilers and instead of having it properly repaired, the owner opted for a quick bandaid to save time (and money). Just north of Memphis, 2 of the boilers exploded. It is believed that 1176 people died, either directly from the explosion or from hypothermia and burns. Why wasn't the largest US maritime disaster (to this date) publicized? It happened the day after John Wilkes Booth, Abraham Lincoln's assassin, was killed.
These mushrooms look like a chocolate s'more!
This guy has been making an appearance on the porch. The dogs haven't caught sight of him so he's safe for now.
Speaking of my porch, I finally stopped looking at a gazillion different set-ups and sets and just broke down and ordered one. I've spent almost the whole time I'm home out on my porch since it was delivered. MS put it together in no time at all and helped me arrange everything.
I'm so glad that I went through with having this done. I used to wonder how my daddy could just sit on his porch for hours and now I get it. His wasn't screened in, but I completely understand how and why he did it.
One more upgrade in the front. I think I'm done with the front yard (unless I think of something else to do!)

A closer view of the light. They look like little torches, an idea I got from one of my sisters and my FIL.

Until next time...


  1. That is sad about the steamboat accident. Those mushrooms are cool looking. We have a bunch of tiny lizards in our backyard this year. Some bigger ones hang out in the front of the house. That's a lovely set and your porch looks very inviting. The front yard looks nice too.

  2. I have visited the memorial at Mount Olive. I have an ancestor who was on the Sultana when it went down and is listed on the monument. It's sad to think he survived the war and the POW camp and was on his way home only to lose his life because of the owners negligence.
    Your porch and front yard photos are giving me some inspiration! I need to get out and clean my screen porch but have been holding off until most of the pollen settles.


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