Weekend Wrap-up

I spent a lot of time (or way too much...it depends on how you look at it!) watching The Killing.  I'm just about done with it.
Saturday, somebody had a milestone birthday:
Nope, it wasn't me!  I'm now married to a 50 year old man. To celebrate, we went into the big city and bought a tool cart. Getting there was quite an ordeal:  Google maps took us through a not so nice neighborhood, then told us to go left when we should have gone right.  I tried to put in the name of the store, and CH told me the wrong name.  We went to the wrong one and CH pulled up the email that had a coupon when we were in the store. That's when we realized we were in the wrong tool store. So we went back the same way we originally went (through the neighborhood), took a right instead of a left, and found the right store. We had lunch at Sam & Andy's, which is a well-known burgers & more restaurant in the Knoxville area.  There used to be one near UT's campus, but it closed down. It didn't disappoint.
For dinner, my dad joined us for dinner, along with MS & his GF, and YS & his GF.  OS was the only one missing. He'll be heading south next Saturday! 
Sunday morning, I went to Mass and then went to Daddy's house.  He has been going to the cemetery Sunday mornings, so I've been joining him. He actually let me drive this time! After that, I went home, finished some laundry and did some light housework, then settled in to watch more of The Killing.  I got a couple of blog posts written for my speech blog, and went out to dinner at our usual Mexican spot. Not bad for a weekend, huh?


  1. I think it was a nice weekend! Happy belated birthday to your husband!


  2. I'm laughing at how hard it was for you to get to the store. You're both trying to fill those 'old people' stereotypes. LOL! Happy birthday to your husband; may he have a fantastic year.
    I loved The Killing; but I loathed the ending!!!!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend Mary! Have a great week! laura

  4. You've got me wanting to check out The Killing now...

  5. We just finished season 4 of The Killing. Love that show! We go to Mass on Saturdays, and enjoy having Sunday to sleep in and/or do whatever we want to do (usually cleaning and laundry, but sometimes fun). Good to catch up on your news! Tell your hubby that the 50s are easy. No worries!

  6. Happy Birthday to CH. Love the photo. Nice of you to join your dad at the cemetery. I'm glad he let you drive. I finally convinced my dad to let me drive when we were in Florida. He was mad at first but I think he enjoyed it!

  7. Happy belated birthday to CH! Our GPS is notorious about taking us through bad neighborhoods. :-o


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