Frozen Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time

I'm linking up with Mrs. 4444 for the first time in 2015. I guess that's pretty good since this is only the 2nd Friday of the year. So...I guess I'm at 50% participation!

Crazy week. Monday was an "Admin Day", and we had a meeting to write a grant. Fingers crossed we get's for a program that has gotten rave reviews from other Speech Pathologists. We were on a 2 hour delay yesterday because of the weather. I was amazed that some of the kids came to school with just sweatjackets when the temp was 7 degrees this morning. And those were kids that I wouldn't have expected it from.

One of these days I'm going to get around to writing about Christmas and New Years. It's hard to believe that Thursday last week (New Year's Day) I was sitting on a beach in my bathing suit. 

I'm totally engrossed in Ken Follett's latest book, Edge of Eternity. It's so intense that every now and then I just have to put it down and take it all in. 

We boarded my 15 year old schnauzer while we were on vacation. It's really weird, but it seems that she's completely deaf now, whereas before she would hear me clap my hands. The vet gave me some ear cleaner & drops to use, but they don't seem to be helping.

POTUS will be coming to my neck of the woods today One of his reasons for coming to a community college nearby (the one YS attends) is to announce an initiative to make community college free for 2 years. It's going to be interesting to see if he gives credit to the person who already started this in Tn.: our Republican governor.

I guess I'll break down and take down the Christmas decorations this weekend. I usually take them down after Epiphany (06 January) since that's the end of the Christmas Season. 

9 more Mondays until Spring Break!  :)


  1. Are you going to share pictures of your trip to the beach? (I'm totally jealous and would LOVE to be able to spend a week in my swim suit on the beach for sure!)

    I'll have to tell DH about that Ken Follett book ... he's recently started reading Follett.

  2. I love your "9 more Mondays to Spring Break". Before I read Mondays, I thought it said "days" and I'm like "that's early for spring break, LOL". So sorry about your dog being deaf, that has to be hard to get her attention. It was good you had some time at the beach in nice weather before you had to come home to the cold! I like books like you describe, so I might just have to read this one. Have a good weekend!


  3. Glad you enjoyed your time on the beach. With the cold weather we are having I can hardly wait for my beach days.

  4. That's the trouble when you have a dog and have to put him in boarding and don't have somebody to take care of. I hope the eardrops will help. I have an overdose of Christmas and cleaned the whole house !

  5. Yeah for your governor... and yes, POTUS will take the credit. That's what he does. I will be looking for your posts on Christmas and New Years. It's never too late.

  6. Did you have the chance to see the President's speech? Sharing credit is not that common in politics. Hey I think Chinese New Years is still coming up so use that date.

  7. One good thing about going to my daughter's for no decorations to take down as none were put up here.

  8. I hope you share the campground you stayed at in the Keys. We lived in Key West in 1967-68 and would like to visit there again.

  9. I'm just starting on my decorations today. I always leave them up for at least a week after New Year's or longer!
    Have a nice weekend.


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