Menu Plan Monday #1

I saw this on The Horton Family's blog, and thought it might be a way to #1 encourage another post during the week, and #2 make sure I don't get lazy with my menu planning. The weeks that I'm just too lazy to make a menu  then a grocery list we call "European week" because I end up going to the grocery store every day to get what I need for supper. As a result, I end up spending much more than I should. So...I thought I'd give it a go.
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Since I get paid on the 15th & 30th of every month, I usually try to plan for 2 weeks at a time. This week isn't going to be a full week, since the 30th is Friday.

Monday:  Meatloaf (my Daddy's recipe!)
                 mashed potatoes
                 green beans

Tuesday: Red & White Chili (crockpot) Keep in mind mine never looks like the picture on the website!

Wednesday: Chicken Strips (I use the frozen Kroger brand...they're the best!)
                     Macaroni & Cheese (This is just about CH's favorite food in the whole world! I use 
                                                       Kraft's Homestyle 4's the "grownup" mac & cheese!)
                      Salad (mainly for me. I put the chicken on top & use honey mustard dressing for my meal.)

Thursday:  Chili (I use a recipe that a nurse I once worked with gave me.  Oh, okay, here it is:
                    1 pound ground beef
                    Dice onion and put in pan while browning the ground beef.
                    Add & bring to a boil:
                    Large can of diced tomatoes
                    Salsa (I usually eyeball it and add however much I want. Lori said to use a big jar of Old El Paso, but I usually just use                      Kroger brand)
                    2 packages chili mix (whatever brand you want to use. I like to enjoy my food, so I use mild)
                    1 can Chili beans (again, I use the mildest I can find)
                     Simmer for 30 minutes

We'll go out on Friday since it's payday for me, and Sunday nights are almost always eat out nights for us...usually Mexican. 

For more ideas on what to plan for your meals for the week, visit I'm an Organizing Junkie. Thanks. Laurie, for introducing me to this site!


  1. You menu sounds delicious! Wish I could discipline myself and do that kind of planning.

  2. What a neat idea! I should get inspired and do the same :)

  3. Sounds very good to me. I need to start getting that organized. Hubby and I will sometime plan for the week, but it seems we seldom stick to all of it. But at least it gives us an idea.

  4. The menu sounds wonderful and good for you to have your menus all worked out. I have never ever in my 43 years of marriage had a menu plan for the week. I think I will do that when Mark retires. Enjoy your week!

  5. I'm going to try that red and white chili; I like crock pot meals! I have found meal planning makes dinners so much more easier! Its less planning now that its just the two of us, but does save on going to the grocery store during the week for sure!


  6. I definitely think meal planning is a good idea. I find it very difficult as I do shift work.

  7. I guess I sort of plan our meals, but I don't write it down, just put it out on the counter each morning to thaw. It's been working for years and years so guess I'll just keep on with this method. Your meals look great!

  8. I need to make a menu plan ... the way things are now, I don't think about dinner until it's almost time, which means it's too late to prepare anything other than my 2-3 dishes that cook up in 30 min. or so. I'm getting tired of fixing the same things over and over. ;-)

  9. Oh my - I've been having a "European week" since early December! maybe I should get my act together and menu plan!

  10. Sure looks like you're all geared up for the rest of the week! Good for you...everything sounds DE-LISH!

  11. Thank you for the shout out, Mary! Your menu looks great! Keep it up!


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