Weekend Celebration

"Someone" had a 90th Birthday on Friday! He started the day with Mass, followed by a breakfast that the "morning mass regulars" arranged for him. I took a half-day so I could get in on the celebration.
That evening, we met as a family and had dinner and cake & ice cream.
This is everybody, minus (let's see if I can do this without leaving anyone out!) 2 of my boys, 2 sisters & their families, a brother & his spouse, and 2 nephews & their families. So, we were missing a total of 21 people.  I don't think there will ever be a time when we have everybody together!

MS came in from Law School for the long weekend, but we only saw him Friday evening. I guess it will be Thanksgiving before we see him again. 

I spent Saturday on another product for my online store. Monday is a "must have" sale: we choose 1 item to put on sale for 1/2 off. In the SLP community, Talk like a Pirate Day is turning into quite the event, and I had a really cute book I wanted to make some activities for. The sale set a deadline for me, so I worked my tail off on Sat. to make sure it was up Sat. night. Here's the cover:
Now I'm ready to take it easy on Monday and maybe...just maybe sleep late!


  1. How nice that you were almost all able to get together to celebrate your dad's birthday. He looks in great shape for 90.

  2. I hope you got to sleep late!! What a great family gathering you had. Nice that so many could be there for such a special 90th birthday celebration. You have a huge family, and what a blessing that is!

  3. Sounds like a great 90th Birthday celebration. I can't believe how many were missing. It would be nice if you could all be together at the same time. Happy Birthday Dad and here's to many more!

  4. such a sweet celebration. your family is precious.

  5. Such sweet times with your dad! Even with a few missing there's still a lot of K's : ) Your dad looks great, happy birthday to him! I didn't know your son was in law school...where is he going to school?

  6. Happy birthday to your Dad. I hope he had a nice day and boy oh boy do ya'll have a big family. I LOVE that!!
    I didn't realize your son was in law school; that's fantastic.

  7. What a young man! :) Birthday blessings to him!!

    I had been trying to catch up on blogs..I can't recall if I commented on your camping trip. it sure looked fun (and beautiful as always!) I told David that I want to go camping in October when things cool down.


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