Wonderful Weekend Wrap-up!

This past weekend was the first one that I spent camping since July. CH & YS went last month (we try to get in 1 camping weekend a month), but I didn't go. Our camping group had our Fall gathering at a place about an hour from our house. This was the first time we had visited this particular state park, and it's one we're putting on the list for a re-visit!
We got there on Friday to a heavy downpour/thunderstorm, but by the time we set up camp, it had all but stopped. Even though it was overcast on Saturday, the temperatures were perfect for camping.
We had a campsite that was away from everybody in our group...I have the hardest time looking at a map and deciding which campsite to get! The sites on either side of us were empty, so we had plenty of room (although we really didn't need it).
We spent Saturday exploring the park & catching up on some sleep. There's a really cool dam/bridge in the park that was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1938. All of the material used to build the dam are local; the sandstone for the concrete came by a nearby quarry that is still in operation. It's also the largest masonry structure built by the CCC, and also considered the largest non-reinforced dam in the world

Saturday night, we always have a pot luck at our gathering. Lots of good food & company! This was the largest one we had been to; we had over 50 campers this time.
Sunday is always sad for me...time to pack up and get back to reality. The weekend goes by way too fast!
We had a really nice surprise on Saturday when I checked the email for our camping blog. There was an email from a woman who works for the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation. She saw a picture on the camping blog (Flyin' the Coop) and asked permission to use one of the pictures for a fundraiser. I am so incredibly honored to be a part of it, and was very happy that she asked to use it. I'm assuming this is the one she asked to use:
We took both dogs with us this time. I didn't know how Pepper would do all weekend without Laika. She got to the campsite without having a stroke from shaking and panting! (I really need to invest in some "calming pills"!) She was fine once we got there...she's just not a big fan of riding in the car. We did have an incident where she jumped out of the truck...but we were stopped. I'm just thankful there wasn't a car coming. I think it's safe to say that she is definitely not a camping dog!
So...hello, Monday. It's a busy week of work, a meeting at church, and 2 music practices.  Only 3 more weeks until Fall Break, and Sisters' Weekend!


  1. What a delightful weekend. What fun it must be to get together with a bunch of fellow campers.

  2. Your campsite looks cozy. I wish I could say I like to camp, but it is not something I have ever enjoyed. Give me a comfortable hotel room with a bathroom, a shower and a nice bed. I have quite a few friends who love it. More power to you!! It was not something I did as a kid and now I'm too old to start! Nice that your photo was chosen for publication!!

  3. Weekends are never long enough, are they? Glad you had such a really good one camping.

    Congrats on you picture being chosen. That is so awesome!!

  4. That bridge is amazing! Love the shadow shots. Sounds like it was a nice weekend.

  5. Your camping site was beautiful. And so is that bridge!

  6. It's been a while since I've been able to visit. I enjoyed reading about your recent camping adventure. Sounds like a good time! I'm recuperating from my back surgery, and, so far, everything is going good. I hope to be back blogging by Monday. Have a nice weekend! Kathy (Reflections)


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