Ireland: Killarney- Part 6

We checked into our hotel and saw this on one of the beds:

We got settled (once again) and walked around the corner to find this:

There is another St. Mary's that we didn't go to (not enough time!), but the other one is a Catholic Cathedral, this one is Church of Ireland. The inside was beautiful.
The door was pretty impressive.

Beautiful stained glass

The organ was also pretty impressive

We took to the streets to check out the town:
Side Street


Loved the thatched roof

Apparently, this used to be where the milk market was, but I couldn't find any history for it.

Loved the facade on this building

We saw this guy & had no idea

This was outside of a building.
Right as it was getting dark, we came upon the Franciscan Friary. There was a friar who appeared to be locking up but he invited us in. We took a quick look around since we didn't want to hold him up.
The Church is on a hill and is quite impressive
St. Francis
This is what we saw when we walked in.

The Altar


Side altar...not a great picture because of the lack of light
As we walked out, the sight was equally as beautiful.
As we walked out, M pointed out the sky:

The next morning we were on a mission to find St. Mary's Well. M had it on her list of things to see, but we had a really hard time finding it. I checked and found that it was "in a parking lot". As it turned out, you have to walk through an alley next to the Town Hall. We thought it was actually in a parking lot, but we couldn't find it there.
 And we finally found it:

When we first saw it, we weren't sure it was it.

We asked a couple of locals who had no idea what we were talking about.

While you can't get to the water in the well, there is a tap where you can.
I found an article that said that there is a brief service and a Rosary recitation every August 15th at the site. It's just so incredibly sad that it's tucked away without any signs on the main road directing people to it.
Having accomplished the finding of the well, we found our way to the tour company to take our day tour to the Dingle Peninsula. Come back on Thursday to see the highlights!


  1. How interesting about Mary's well! I hope you had a bottle to gather some of the water!! Great photos!! Beautiful.

  2. I love the old Gothic style! I couldn't help but marvel while looking at the pictures from inside the church (at the abbey), how one can travel across the ocean and step inside a Catholic Church and they are all set up the same way. The architecture may be different, but the layout is the same. I love that about the Catholic Church!

  3. So what is the denomination of the church of Ireland? That was a beautiful church. That second church was also amazing and beautiful. What a wonderful trip your were having. So many interesting places to see.


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