Historical Red White and Blue Jersey Kind of Hodgepodge

Summertime is definitely here in East Tennessee: heat, humidity, and the weather pattern of daily afternoon/evening thunderstorms.
Joyce has thoughtful summer questions for us this week. Click on the logo above to visit her blog and see what other participants had to say.

1. Security or freedom? Can you have both? Explain.
I definitely think you can have them both. I think we've had them both in my lifetime in the U.S.A. Or, it could be that that's just the way it was and I didn't know any different.

2. If you could visit any historical American site what would it be? Why?
I'd love to go to Boston and see all of the historical sites there. My youngest brother lives just outside of Boston; I just haven't gotten up there yet.

3. Free as a bird, free reign, be free of, free enterprise, free trip, walk away scot-free, free for all...which 'free' phrase can best be applied to your life in recent days or weeks? Explain.
Free as a bird. Summer vacay; no kitchen remodel going on this summer. Nothing else needs to be said!

4. Something in your frig that's red? Something in your house that's white? Something in your view that's blue?

5. July 27th is National New Jersey Day. Have you ever visited The Garden State? If so where did you go? Are there diners where you live? Have you tried Taylor Pork Roll? Do you like to play Monopoly? Saltwater taffy-yay or nay? How do you feel about shopping at the mall? Springsteen, Sinatra, or Bon Jovi-you have to pick one.
If the Newark airport counts, then, yes, I've been there.
We have Waffle House...does that count?
I don't even know what a Taylor Pork Roll is!
I don't really care for Monopoly.
Saltwater taffy: 😋
Shopping at the mall: 👎
Springsteen for sure with Bon Jovi coming in a close second.

Raise your hand if you know why these add-on questions are appropriate on National NJ Day.

6. Insert your own random thought here.
Here it is almost July & I feel like my summer is gone. Once I get back from a conference in a couple of weeks I'll have to start gearing back up for another school year. 6 more beginning of school years to go. The countdown is on!


  1. I love your red, white, and blue pictures!

    We are having the same weather in Ga.

    Enjoy the rest of your summer :)

  2. It sounds like you have school-aged children in your home with that count-down of first days left to go.

    Like you, I'd like to go to Boston (again, for me) and we, too, have that pattern of hot muggy days and afternoon showers.

    Have a great day.

  3. Oh I hope you get to Boston. It's such an interesting place! And I agree about summer feeling like it's gone. Living in the North, winter is never far from our minds. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  4. Great answers!!! What?!?!?! School already?? Summer is just like weekends...it flies so fast if you blink you miss it! Happy Wednesday!

  5. I never thought of the Newark airport. If that counts then I've spent a good bit more time in New Jersey than I care to remember.
    I agree completely about summer break. It's right about now that I begin to panic that it's flying by too quickly.
    Have a happy and blessed Fourth!

  6. Enjoy your summer break. As a retired teacher, I knew the first of July conferences began and the countdown began to school starting.

  7. That cardinal! Did you paint that? I love it! It's hot here, too so I'm staying inside as much as possible. The bookkeeper at our elementary school (where my girls went and I taught) is retiring after 34 years. She is the glue at that place as she wore many different hats and knows every single thing about it. Bookkeeper was just one of her jobs as she did it all. I can't say enough wonderful things about her. Anyway, they haven't found a suitable replacement (and they won't because most people will only be willing to do their job title) so a lot of us are taking shifts up there next month to fill in until some lovely angel falls from the sky to fill the larger than life shoes.

  8. Cute idea to put pictures of your red, white, and blue! I always enjoy Hodgepodge answers!! Keep enjoying your time off!!

  9. I love your painting. Did you do that at one of those parties? Well let's just make this time slow down a little bit. It is all going too fast.

  10. Boston is a fun place to visit and so much to see. Plus Lobster Rolls! : ) Happy 4th!

  11. Also, Waffle House isn't a diner, but it's likely the closest thing to one in your area.


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