Is My Blog Title a Farce?

A brook flowing out of a fountain in a park
Sometimes I feel like my blog title is a farce. Oh, I definitely live in a small town (population around 9000...which is an increase of 1000 over the past few years and a growth of 2000 since I was in high school) but I know there are a lot of people out there living in a true small town. Plus, this small town seems bigger than it is. We have quite a bit of shopping and eating establishments so it's not like we have to drive to go shopping or out to eat.

Progressing into the Future

Big things are happening in the Small Town. Our claim to fame used to be 3 aluminum plants owned by The Aluminum Company of America (a.k.a. "ALCOA"). Those 3 plants have dwindled down to 2, and 1 of those isn't in full production; it hosts a recycling plant. ALCOA has also now split into 2 different companies, so now it is called "Arconic". (That is how I understand it anyway.) The location of the "West Plant" stands empty. The buildings were all torn down but environmental issues questioned how usable the land is. That now appears to be taken care of so plans can be made for that area of the Small Town. For a few years, the citizens have been speculating as to what is going to be built. At first, we were told by the commission that it was going to be a sort of downtown area. Then we were told a Sam's Club was coming in. (Yep, that got my dander up a bit!) Now we're back to a downtown area, complete with multi-family housing, single-family housing, housing for the elderly, shopping, hotels, offices, trails & greenspace, and community garden/farmers market. Looking at the concept, I'll say this: If they can pull it off so that it looks like the pictures (and it's successful), it will be really nice. The land is being cleared and the roads are being paved. It's really strange to see all of those trees gone. There is some speculation that the land being cleared is responsible for a lot of downed trees this time last year during a storm...the trees acted as a buffer; since those trees were gone a lot of houses were damaged. Of course, that's just speculation on a lot of people's part.
new high school with parking lot in front
The Small Town is just going to get bigger. Someone told me the other day that the school system is already phasing out tuition students. Since it is a city school, some students who don't live in the Small Town can attend if they pay tuition to attend school here. The sad thing is that Small Town High isn't going to be small much longer, which was a huge draw to the town. A bigger high school was built a few years ago in anticipation of growth.

Time for a Change?

So I feel like I'm in a dilemma. I feel like my blog title is a farce. I'm thinking "Life in a Former Small Town". Any other ideas? I would keep the URL the same, just change the title.
If you've changed the name of your blog, weigh in with your opinion!


  1. I haven't changed my title, but I have a few blogging friends who have changed theirs successfully. I'm from a "real" small town of under 1,100 people. My senior class had 47 kids and our school was kindergarten through 12th grade. Still is, though they did build a new building for the high school to be better separated from the younger kids. I understand what you are saying! Keep us posted!!

  2. Well, I grew up in a small town. With no rules about building, the town quickly outgrew it's charm. I go back for visits, but it is far from the small fishing village it once was.
    Now I live in a seasonal town. 6000 year round residents, but that more than quadruples in the summer. We have a regional school here, and my town seems to pay more than the lions share towards that.
    We have a few restaurants, but no really good shops. Everything is at least 40 miles away. As I age, I think I'd like to move closer to my daughter and closer to convenience.

  3. I like Life in a Former Small Town. I've considered changing my blog name too (since the girls are gone and it's just hubby and I now I wonder if Tales of the TCKK Family still fits.). I wonder if it would cause us to lose followers. Of course, I guess if people are interested it wouldn't be a problem. I know I would follow the change. I will be very curious to see what you decide.

  4. So much is happening. I hope that it all works out for the best and that is pleases you. I've never been a fan of change. Your title is fine, it's who you are!

  5. Maps. I still have my old Rand McNally road atlas that I used for trips in the 70's and 80's. As for changing the blog title, I changed mine after a few years. Just do it.


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