Hot Enough For You? {Wednesday Hodgepodge}

Things are steamy here in East Tn. Is it hot enough for you where you are? If so, stay inside, crank that air up, and read up on the answers to the questions  Joyce provided for us!

1. Summer is upon us this week in the Northern hemisphere. Tell us three things on your summer bucket list.
1. See my son graduate from Law School. (Check)
2. Spend time with Robert's uncle when they visit in July.
3. Spend a few days in Nashville for a conference.

2. Something fun you used to do as a kid in the summertime?
I went to the Small Town's pool almost every day. My mom made sure we had season passes so that's where a good part of the summer was spent.
The neighborhood kids used to come to our yard in the evening to play "kick the can", "hide and seek", or "rolly bats". We'd play until it got dark. Good times!

3. Rooftop or backyard? Why?
Backyard. I don't know that I've ever spent any amount of time on a rooftop.
This is a really cool backyard in New Orleans. There is a stage set up for jazz:
You go in, select your beverage(you can also order some hors d'oeuvrs)  and find a seat outside. This is a view of the back of the building:

4. Do you read food labels? Place importance on them? Make an effort to find out/care about where your food comes from?
I mainly look to see what the serving size is.

5. A song you'll have on repeat this summer?
I don't know that I'll have one. I rarely just listen to one song over and over.

6. Insert your own random thought here.
As I mentioned in my previous post, this summer is sooo different than last summer. There's a lot less stress, for sure! I've read, watched some shows (The Ranch & Shetland), and done some writing. I'm still walking the dogs around 5:45 a.m. The squirrels are still asleep, but a family of raccoons crossed the sidewalk a couple of mornings ago. I didn't even think about that possibility!


  1. I think we had the same kind of childhood!!! Loved kick the can and rollybats - LOL!!!!!!

  2. SHETLAND was so good! I got out of the habit of walking Tucker and we both hate it but I cannot find any motivation to get back to it especially since it's so dang hot here. Wish I was going to Nashville! I need to get up there soon. I don't listen to one song over and over again in a row but I will listen to a playlist over and over again from time to time. Thank you for ordering the coasters! They should be there Friday at the latest! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

    1. I subscribed to BritBox so I could watch the latest season. The Shetland Islands are now on my list of must-sees! The opening scenes reminded me of Cliffs of Moher & the Aran Islands in Ireland. Just stunning!
      I ordered the coasters for my in-laws...they are going to LOVE them!!! :)

  3. Kick the can and hide and seek were always fun! I don't know what rolly bats was. So glad your summer is going well this year. Enjoy!

    1. Rolly bats: someone hits the ball with a bat & everyone runs after the ball. Once he gets the ball he runs toward the batter. The batter then puts the bat on the ground. The runner has to stop where he is and roll the ball toward the bat. If he hits it, it's his turn to hit the ball. If not, the batter keeps going until someone rolls the ball over the bat. Now that I look at how to play, I think it's a game parents made up to get some energy out of kids!!!

  4. Congratulations to your son and to you as well for seeing him achieve this milestone. We live in Louisiana and love traveling in and around the Great Smoky Mountains and were in fact there in early May. Interesting, that we have been in that part of the country more than we've actually been to New Orleans in recent years.

  5. Kids today don't know what they are missing. I think we grew up in the best of times! You have some fun things coming up this summer! Keep us posted!

  6. I agree with Terri! I had so much fun growing up and I did not have a cell phone or computer, or any high tech stuff. I had my bike, jump rope, trees to climb and dolls to pretend with. My delight was in my imagination!


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