A Perfect Way to End the Year


Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

This Christmas was the least stressful holiday I've had while being a mom. With 3 grown boys, 1 with a household not far from here, 1 living out of state, and 1 living at home for a while, I knew things were going to be quiet. Especially with "the virus" (as my school kids call it) putting a damper on things, I was expecting a peaceful, quiet holiday. School was scheduled to end on the 18th, but we received a little gift from the school board: an extra day off. Numbers were spiking here, so we were in school 2 days, virtual 2 days, and off on Friday. I actually had everything done before I usually do, so I was able to work on something for my online teacher (SLP) store. I wanted to get some of it done so I could completely take the last week of the year off while we were on vacation.

The weather forecast for Christmas Eve into Christmas Day hinted at a white Christmas. Yeah, right. I only remember maybe 2 white Christmases in my life. When you live in the Tennessee Valley, you learn to take the forecast with a grain of salt and not believe it until you see it. WELL...when I left for the 5:00 Christmas Eve Mass, it was snowing and had just begun to stick. It snowed all during Mass and when I walked out the door, it was still snowing and everything was covered. The 6:00 bells were ringing, most of the people were already gone so it was quiet and most everything was still. It was absolutely gorgeous!

Church in Snow
YS moved back into the house a few months ago, and (just in case you don't know) he's an excellent cook. I had everything ready to pop into the oven before I left, but he had everything heated up and cooked when I got home. He also did this:
Candles in mason jars on a wall in the snow
It just filled my heart with the joy of the season to see that! This isn't something we see very often:
House with Christmas tree in the window in southern snow
I wish I had asked YS or CH to turn off the lights in the dining room and living room...it would have made for a better picture of our tree. Before I went home I drove by the tree in the park, which is right next to where I live.
Outside Christmas tree in a park in Southern snow

Our backyard looked just as enchanted; like something out of Narnia:
Backyard covered in Snow

Snow on Leland Cypress Trees
Around 8:30 pm, I happened to notice a vehicle pull into our driveway. I went to the side window, looked out, and saw MS getting out of a taxi! He flew in to surprise us for Christmas! (But can you believe I didn't take any pictures of the boys that weekend???) That was the icing on the Christmas Cake!

I take Gurl Dogg (remember her?) on a daily walk in the park. There was still plenty of snow to be found.
fountain with rocks on a hill in the background in snow

Snow-covered footbridge

Snow-Covered railing next to footbridge

Walking trail with snow covered trees

See what I mean? A beautiful Southern Christmas Snow...MAGICAL! By the time I walked GD, the kids had already sledded. The next day there were still signs of the laughter:
Sled trails on a hill in a park
With all of the craziness of 2020 and the unsurety of 2021, it made me smile to think of the joy that the little ones were able to experience on Christmas Day!


  1. Well I think a white Christmas sounds beautiful except for having to drive in it! It does look like Narnia. What a lovely surprise from MS. We didn't take pictures either except for James. The pictures are so pretty with the snow and how awesome that they went sledding.

  2. Oh my, your snow pictures are beautiful! The tree in the park is absolutely gorgeous...Christmas card worthy! The snow really did bring some magic to our Christmas this year, didn't it? A quiet respite from all the year's chaos. Happy New Year! Good to see you here. :-)

  3. It's lovely! And what a wonderful surprise!! We may see a few snow sprinkles here, but supposed to warm up next week so it will be short lived. Have a nice weekend!


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