From My Kitchen: January 2021

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I get tired of making the same thing for supper week after week. I was actually diagnosed with Diabetes a few years ago but was in denial until last June when my A1C was high and my then-doctor prescribed another medication. I took 2 doses and after my sugar bottomed out, I stopped taking it and promptly changed doctors. As a result, I've dropped 40 pounds but more importantly, my A1C dropped 1.6 and is now considered within normal limits (with continued medication). Finding good healthy recipes that we actually like is a bit of a challenge.

I tried a couple of new recipes this month. I found both of them through Six Sisters Stuff; they rarely steer me wrong.

CH really likes Taco Pizza but the only place we have found that has a good one is Pizza Inn. When we were on our way to Canada, the place we stopped for the night had a Pizza Inn close by so we had that for supper. It wasn't exactly the way we remembered it, but it was good. When I saw this recipe for Easy Flatbread Mexican Pizza, I had to try it. 
Flatbread Mexican pizza on a blue plate
Overall, CH & YS liked it. I used Mama Mary's flatbread crust, and I wasn't crazy about the taste. It was quick and easy. I'll definitely keep this one. Keeping my exchanges in mind, I only ate half of one. Since the flatbread is thin and was the only carb, I just watched how much I ate. Half was more than enough!
What I'll change:
  • 2 taco seasoning packets instead of 1. It didn't have a lot of taco taste. 
  • Use a thin crust or make my own. Six Sisters suggest this flatbread recipe, but if you want to make 4, the recipe would have to be doubled.
  • Use a chipotle ranch dressing instead of the salsa/sour cream combination. Or, if using the combination, only use half of the sour cream indicated.
The other new recipe was Sheet Pan Chicken Sausage and Vegetables. Another super easy recipe that was declared a success by CH & YS.

Chicken and apple sausages, onions, zucchini, potatoes, carrots

I used Aidell's Chicken Apple Sausage and we were pleased with the taste. I only used half of the carrots the recipe called for because they aren't my favorite. But...they still had a little bit of crunch to them after being baked so they were okay. 

What I'll do differently next time:
  • Mix everything together in a bowl and then transfer it to a pan. It was really hard to mix everything on the sheet, and I ended up tearing the foil. 
  • Double the was that good!
  • Possibly add fresh mushrooms
What recipes have you tried this month that are "keepers"?


  1. I didn't know you were diagnosed with Diabetes. Congrats on losing weight and lowering your numbers. That is commendable.

  2. Good for you on getting off the medication and taking care of yourself. Thanks for the recipes!


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