From My Kitchen: April & May 2021

The title of this post says April & May (because I didn't get April's post out), but I actually made this dish at the end of March. I've never made a lot of fish; hardly any except for the frozen kind! This recipe was given to me by a kind seafood employee at my local Publix. I had it on my phone for a couple of years but didn't try it. Hoisin Sauce? What in the world? I decided to pull it out and try it after YS introduced CH to hoisin and he really liked it. 

Cooked salmon with hoisin sauce on a plate

This recipe was so easy to make. Not only that, but I had dinner on the table in no time. (Click on the recipe to print.)

The man said it goes great over a chef salad and suggested sprinkling some charcoal volcano salt over it. I didn't have time to search for the salt so I didn't use it. I wouldn't change a thing about this recipe! It was absolutely delicious!

I did make this in May: Shrimp Tacos with Mango Slaw from Feasting at Home. These tacos had a Caribbean flair. 
2 tortillas with cabbage slaw and shrimp
I stuck to the shrimp recipe, and it turned out great; there isn't anything I would change. I'm not a spicy-lover and these were borderline too spicy for me, but YS & CH really enjoyed it.
Cooked shrimp in a cast iron skillet
In the recipe, Sylvia (from Feasting at Home) added Cuban Black Beans, but keeping with my diet of watching carbs, I opted not to make them. We have a Cuban restaurant in town that has amazing Cuban sandwiches and their black beans & rice are to die for. Needless to say, I haven't had them in about a year (when I started seriously watching my carbs). 
I used the corn/flour tortillas she suggested; I had no idea there was such a thing, but they did hold up much better than regular corn or flour ones. 

The Cabbage Mango Slaw was just amazing. I bought a package of shredded cabbage and a can of mangos ('cause it's so much easier than trying to cut up a mango!). I forgot to add the jalapeno (oops!), so I'm not sure if that would have added anything more to it or not. It definitely didn't need it.

This recipe is definitely a keeper. I used 1 pound of shrimp and was able to feed 4 people without anyone going away hungry.

Do you cook fish? If so, please share your favorite recipes!



  1. I couldn't get the first recipe's linky to come up, but both sound/look de-lish! We love fish/shrimp tacos so will definitely give that recipe a try. Bush's has canned "seasoned" black beans I use a lot, but I bet Aroma's took the dish over the top...they're sooo good! I imagine you're excited about Publix coming to M/A. Did you find the corn/flour blend tortillas there? Never knew they were a thing either!

    1. he link has been fixed; thanks for letting me know!
      Actually, the Publix on Northshore is just about as close as the one coming to Maryville. I can't remember where I found the corn/flour tortillas. It may have been Food City or Food Lion. I don't think Publix had them.
      So now I'm obviously live in the area!

    2. Ha! Yes, you know me...our hubbies used to work together. I grew up in Rival Town...
      I wondered about the'll be about half way between the two.


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