A Hodgepodge of Olympic Proportion


1. The Wednesday Hodgepodge landing on Groundhog's Day sounds about right. Besides the Hodgepodge what else lands on your calendar  just once a week? Is it as much fun as the Hodgepodge-ha!? 

Well, I have RCIA (the class people take to learn more about Catholicism-I’m a team member) on Wednesdays and choir practice at church on Thursdays. Choir practice is usually a lot of fun, so I’d say it outweighs the Hodgepodge!

2. The Winter Olympics begin on Friday, surrounded by much controversy. Will you be watching? Why or why not? Have you ever been to China?

I usually like to watch the opening ceremony and a few events. I haven’t thought about watching it, but maybe I will just to support the US athletes. Not that they know or care! I’ve never been to China and really have no desire to go.

3. Something in your life lately that has felt a bit like an 'olympic event'? 


4. Do you like fondue? Sweet or savory? Restaurant only or do you own your own fondue set?

I’ve never had fondue but I’ll go out on a limb and say that I’d prefer sweet.

5. Give us five short (2-3 word) phrases to sum up your January. 

not well (COVID? My doctor says it’s a yes even though I didn’t test)

very cold

bundled up

ate too much

one full week

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Explanation of  “one full week” in #5: The school system where I work was only in session for 1 full week  in January because of the weather and a shortage of teachers due to illness.  1 week we were only there 1 day: we started out the week with bad weather, went in on Wed. and then we were out the last 2 days because of illness. That’s the week I was sick. I never was fatigued; I thought I had a bad cold that turned into strep. I broke down the next Tues. and went to the clinic for a strep test but it was negative (tonsillitis). The nurse practitioner said she was fine testing me for COVID or not testing since I was outside of the 5 day isolation period. (that was day 7) I opted to not be tested. When I went to my regular doctor yesterday she told me that she thought I had it. So did I or didn’t I? Does it really even matter?  


  1. My daughter is a teacher, too, and I feel so bad for all of you and the children. I read an article the other day that was talking about how children from K-2 haven't experienced a normal school year. I'm glad you are on the mend!

  2. Those are symptoms of so many around us these days. Only a few years ago, we would have said and been told that we have a seasonal cold/strep/flu/etc. and would have gone on our way. Let it run it's course. How sad for the children to be denied so much time in the classroom. But, I do hope you are feeling better soon and this whole thing will be a distant memory.

  3. Hope your feeling better. So is school back in session yet?

  4. Sounds like the struggle has been real for you in January. Hope February is better! Happy Hodgepodge to you.

  5. Your week is pretty busy. I too want to support our athletes. I don't believe any family members were allowed to go. I'm not sure anyone will be watching them there. Sorry about the covid. You're right, does it even matter if you know other than you might have some antibodies for awhile.

  6. Life is definitely an olympic event sometimes. Sorry you were sick in January. Im pretty sure I had it in December of 2020...my hubby had it and stayed upstairs but I lost my taste and smell (that was it) so that was a clear indicator. I've probably had it again maybe...I've had a few what were to me my normal feeling colds, but I'm sure if I tested, someone would say I had it. I've only tested once in 2 years because we were taking our grandson to an event and we all had to be tested.

    HOpefully February goes much better for you


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