Friday Fotos 2024 #2

Friday Fotos is a post where I can dump some photos from the previous week. The goal is to make me more aware of the beauty and fun in my everyday life. 

There's nothing like running into your sister when you go out to eat lunch! It was completely unplanned, but so nice!
I captured this rainbow one evening. It was just stunning!
The Lenten Roses are blooming in the park.
Gurl Dogg enjoys her daily walks, even when it's windy.
My lone daffodil in my yard. Every year I look at it and think I need to plant more. 
We had a couple of very windy days. This tree (and the bridge) in the park were casualties.

Look what I heard in the park one evening! I heard a couple of owls that evening and a few days before I heard one that sounded like he was very close to the house. Owls & Hawks are just the coolest birds! I think this was the first time I heard a Kinglet around my house. The Merlin app is so interesting!

Until next time! 

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  1. I keep looking at the picture of you and your sister. Y'all look so much alike. Are you twins? I'm married to an identical twin and we have fraternal twins so I'm always looking for other twins.


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