Friday Fotos 2024 #3

Friday Fotos is a post where I can dump some photos from the previous week. The goal is to make me more aware of the beauty and fun in my everyday life. 

Trees in the park were budding at the end of last week.  I love the sign of new life, spring, and warm weather!

This is a horrible picture of a hawk. I hear them all the time in the park but rarely see them. This is a red-shouldered hawk. I hear them in the park, and then red-tailed hawks circle in the field across from my house. They are magnificent birds!

I think this is a red maple. I noticed its color while on a walk. Just beautiful.

This is the same tree as the first picture, but a few days later. 

This pretty little flower is a bunch daffodil. So small & delicate!

One of the signs in the rival town of the Small Town. How many times have I driven by this sign and not read it? I need to learn to slow down and take time to read some of the history that's in my backyard.

I hope you're taking the time to enjoy the beauty that's around you every day. Until next time!

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  1. Well, who knew such an event happened in my hometown, aka your rival town?! I've driven by that sign a lot!!! I looked it up and saw a story about the marker published in The Daily Times. In our defense, it has only been in place since 2016! Our resident hawks are making themselves known as Spring arrives in the area. We had a family nest in one of our tulip poplars a couple of years ago. They are impressive! I enjoy your posts and pics. Take care.


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