Friday Fotos 2024 #4

Friday Fotos is a post where I can dump some photos from the previous week. The goal is to make me more aware of the beauty and fun in my everyday life. 

I don't have very many photos this week. I didn't keep up with my "picture a day"!

I think this is a cherry tree just starting to flower. 
Bradford Pears get a bad rap but when they bloom they are gorgeous.
We had a get-together over the weekend since one of my sisters came in from out of state. We're missing 2 siblings in the picture.
Here's everyone (minus the one taking the picture) who came. We always have a good time when we're together.
I got some extra time with my out-of-state sister. 
YS' dog waiting for him to come home from work. She's a pretty good girl but still has quite a bit of puppy in her. I've never seen a dog with such loving eyes!

How has your week been? What kind of pictures are on your phone for the week? Until next time!

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  1. Great photos. Looks like you had a fun gathering. Enjoy your weekend.


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