Definitely a Monday

Yesterday was definitely a Monday.  I had to be at work at 7:00 (it was the first day of school), which meant I needed to leave the house by 6:30.  I had to do my Weekend Wrap-up post before I got ready for work, and I guess it took a little longer than I had anticipated.  I had about 35 minutes to get ready.  I showered (and shaved my legs), ate some yogurt, dried my hair, and then prepped my teeth for brushing.  I had my rubber-tip (aka:  gum stimulator) and paid careful attention to this one tooth.  I guess I paid too much attention to it, because the crown kind of came loose.  For the 2nd time in as many months.  I pushed it back down and made a mental note to call the dentist as soon as he opened.  It just didn't feel right, and I was afraid to eat anything for fear of it coming all the way off.  I don't think that would actually happen; it's wedged in there pretty tightly.
I called the dentist and talked to one of the assistants...they can't get me in until Thursday.  I really, really need for this crown to stay on until the end of September when I have some oral surgery scheduled.  I'm just a little worried that my dentist will tell me to bump up the surgery, which I can't do because of insurance.
At least I wasn't the only person whose day started off rough:  the librarian at my new school said that her husband had packed her a nice little lunch which she left on the kitchen counter.  And, one of the kindergarten teachers said she got no sleep the night before.  It's funny how even the teachers get excited/nervous about the first day of school.
It was a busy day:  finding out whose rooms my students are in, actually locating those rooms, getting requests for schedules out, and I had to test a student whose IEP meeting is Thursday.  There's no sliding back into it for me!
I certainly hope your Monday was better than mine!


  1. Dental woes-ugh! Hope everything stays put for the next month.

  2. Uh, oh! Tooth troubles! That's not a great way to begin a new school year :(

    Hoping the week gets progressively better for you!

  3. Mister had a similar situation with a tooth. He bought something at Walgreens which he applied himself to keep the crown intact . It worked great! Just an idea. Hope you have lots of sweet kiddos in your care this school year!

  4. That tooth issue reminds me of a hilarious story. I was having an IEP meeting with a new student (a little girl you might remember on my blog as "Kelly"), and the speech therapist was trying to politely say that her social skills needed a lot of work when Kelly burst out, pointing at the therapist with, "Is that a FAKE TOOTH?!" LMAO (inside) Yes, it was a crown on her front tooth. Kids---They say the darnedest things!

    Anyway, I hope you can hold onto that crown, and I can't believe your dentist didn't give you a little cement for it--sheesh! Enjoy your weekend, my friend...

  5. That was quite a morning you had. Hopefully everything has gotten worked out for you. Hard to believe you are back at school already!


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