Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

~  Today marks the end of our "PD" week.  Kids come back on Monday.  I'm trying not to be overwhelmed by everything that has to be done before Fall Break.  Apparently August/September were big months for my new school to place students, because my calendar is already filled with tentative meeting dates.

~  The drive to my new school is absolutely gorgeous...almost as pretty as the one to my "mountain school".  I thought about taking some pictures on Wed. morning...I will definitely do that at some point.  

~  It's tough starting over at a new school when you don't know anyone there.  Everyone that I've talked to so far seems nice enough, but I haven't talked to very many people yet.  

~  Laika has done great with being in the crate during the day.  MS came home mid-day yesterday before a dentist appointment and let her out, but he forgot to put her back in.  She went 4 hours in the house and didn't tear anything up or have any accidents.  She did, however, have a big accident after I got home, and I caught her having another one after CH got home.  The last one ended up not being very big since she stopped when I yelled.  

~  On the election ballot yesterday, I saw "Park Overall".  I thought it was a joke.  You may remember her from the tv show "Empty Nest".  I had no idea she was from a town an hour away from me.  She didn't win, by the way.

~  The sales tax increase a lot.  Guess scare tactics work.  That's all I'm going to say.


  1. It's hard starting in a new place. Even as nice as people may be, it's a little while before you have that rapport working with them. Good luck with everything!

  2. Guess it's no surprise that the scare tactics worked. That whole situation is what bugs me most about politics and elections ... half-truths and even outright lies passed off as truth ... not to mention mudslinging and character assassination.

    Glad Laika is doing well in the crate.

    Hope you make new friends at your new school soon.

  3. Mary, you will make all kinds of new friends at the new school! I'm sure it is hard to relocate though. Sounds as though school will be busy and keep things moving quickly!

  4. When I taught in Indiana we went back to school this early. Here in Wisconsin the schools can't start till Labor Day, it's a state law. I like that law!

  5. Starting in a new school will give you lots of sympathy for students in that boat! It's always hard to start new...

    I jumped back and read the whole sales tax issue posting you did. Why don't they just raise the tuition for the out-of-city kids? Around here I wish they'd raise the cost of vanity license plates. I see TONS of them -- so they must not be expensive enough!

    Yet my 2005 Toyota Highlander is still considered a "luxury" car for which I pay extra tax each year. Huh? 2005?

  6. Thankfully our tax increase did not pass, despite the ads saying without it, Georgia is doomed. We are taxed enough in my opinion!

  7. Milo has been doing great with potty training. He even started ringing the little bell by the door to go outside. The trouble is he rings it all the time now, whenever he is bored. Should be interesting once his "brother" Steve arrives!

  8. Oh, and I'm really happy that you have that beautiful ride into work! It's lonely, starting out new when no one knows how awesome you are yet; your commute will take the edge off.


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