Good/Bad Weekend Wrapup

Stomach Bug:
Good:  I made it to school on Friday.
Bad:  I left at 8:45 and had to stop a couple of times on my way home to get sick.
Good:  I've lost a few pounds
Bad:  I only have about 30 to go
Good:  So, this may be a good time to get off the Sugar Train because I'm definitely not wanting any of it right now.

Bad:  A former roommate and college co-color guard member's son was in an accident over the weekend
Good:  He wasn't driving and was treated for non-life threatening injuries
Bad:  The driver and another passenger were killed.
Please keep everyone involved in your prayers.  As a mom, I can't imagine the pain that my friend is going through right now, along with the guilt of the relief that her son is alive.

High School Sports:
Good:  Small Town won the District Championship on Friday night.
Bad:  I wasn't there to see it (see "Stomach Bug")
Good:  They won by a whole bunch (49-7)
Bad:  They played a parochial high school, and apparently their sportsmanship left a lot to be desired.  (CH runs the chains, so he gets a first-hand look at how the visiting team acts.)  Being Catholic, I was so disappointed.  I expected a lot more out of them.

College Sports:
Bad:  UT lost on Saturday
Good:  I don't know any good that came of it, unless it was that a true freshman quarterback got some experience.

Hope your weekend had more "good" than "bad"!


  1. So sorry that you caught a tummy bug ... hopefully you're past the worst of it and on your way to feeling better.

  2. I'm glad you are feeling better! SO sooooo sad about the car accident and loss of life; heartbreaking. We just lost three young boys (seniors) this past week from a local school; car accident. I just can't imagine.

    I think I read something from a friend in your area about that game on FB. She mentioned the lack of sportsmanship too.

    Take care,

  3. Praying for this family. Our rural area just had this happen last week. Truck driver took his eyes off the road to look at Mt. Rainier and rear ended another truck who hit a vehicle that exploded into flames. Prayerfully no one died, but everyone is in shock.
    Please pray for us as well!

  4. Keeping the families in my prayer for the passengers who lost their lives. That is very sad.


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