I'm a Survivor!

YAY!!!  I did it!!!  I have to admit, my theme for the challenge was a last minute decision.  I was going to go completely random this year, but at the last minute decided on The Great Smoky Mountains National Park  (and a few surrounding areas!).  I really enjoyed it, and appreciate the positive feedback I received.  It helped me rediscover "my" mountains, and find a couple of places that I need to visit.  The Park Service can thank me by giving me a free "pass for life"!  (Just kidding...the park is free anyway!)
My only regret is that this challenge comes at the end of the school year, when things are really crazy and everybody is tired.  I didn't have a chance to visit other bloggers, unless they visited me and left a comment.  I made sure I returned the gesture.  Hopefully in the next couple of weeks (after school is done for the year), I can go through and read some posts.
I started following a couple of new blogs:  Lexa Cain describes herself as "A Horror and Dark Fantasy Writer"; she lived in Egypt for 20 years.  Her theme was hauntings, and there were quite a few that brought chill bumps.  Very interesting!
Another blogger I started following is Battered Hope. I was drawn to her blog because she is a HUGE dog person.  I hope to delve more into her blog once school is out and I have some time.
If you were part of the challenge, how did you do?  How did you decide what theme to use?


  1. Yay, you!! I always start these things with the best of intentions and never seem to make it to the end, lol! Have a great week!

  2. Congratulations on your finish! I found your subject matter intriguing! Thanks for sharing all that information about the GSM!

  3. You did it!! And your right about deserving at least a season pass to the state parks ;)

  4. Gotta say I really enjoyed your posts about the beautiful Smokey Mountains. It was a joy to read and "see" one of my favorite places on this planet!

  5. Hi Mary - well done and so pleased you got through and did what you could .. and the Smokey Mountains look to provide some interesting snippets of info ..

    Cheers Hilary

  6. Congrats! I do think the park owes you SOMETHING! I'm glad you found a new blog to follow - I sure did too! Lots of them. Now I gotta find a balance. Sigh. Story of my life...
    Tina @ Life is Good
    On the Open Road! @ Join us for the 4th Annual Post-Challenge Road Trip!

  7. Well done for completing the challenge.

    I know what you mean about struggling to get through the blogs on the list. My internet time is limited so I ended up switching to reading the blogs on the list of Blogs with 100 or fewer followers because I thought they needed some love. ;-)

    Now I'm working through the Reflections list and the Road Trip as well, because there's less pressure to get through them all.

  8. After reading all the posts, I talked my husband into a trip to Tennessee. I want to show him where my grandfather lived and then go and visit all the places you shared. Unfortunately, the boy broke his leg and for the next two months we are tied to the doctor and then, school starts again. Still, I follow your blog so when we finally make the trip, I have all the information at my fingertips. Thanks for picking the Great Smoky Mountains as a theme. I can't wait to go there!


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