Friday Fragments: It's Been a Long Time!

Friday Fragments with Star2
 It's been a long time since I've participated in Friday Fragments (hosted by A Star in My Own Universe), but I have a little bit of free time since it's the end of Fall Break.

 I've been catching up on The Blacklist. I watched it pretty faithfully the first season, but I guess I forgot when it was on last year.

 Speaking of tv shows: there are some OMG! shows this fall: Blindspot and Quantico top the list. 

 Thinking about SC and all the rain they've had this past week. The town where we lived is okay; that area escaped the flooding. 

 I had a doctor's appointment and lab done this week. Time to eat like a grown-up and take better care of myself. Yuck. 

 After running over a wooden pallet in the middle of a highway on Wednesday, I have 4 new wheels & tires. Luckily, the only thing that happened to my car was a bent rim. It made me waste the good part of an afternoon & CH missed a half-day of work. 

 I saw these shirts on Love Denmark Facebook Page the other day. It says it all!
 I'm ready for more fall-like weather! This is my favorite time of the year: cool nights, warm days, colorful leaves. There's just something special about Fall!


  1. I think my husband is watching those two new shoes you named. I'm watching Limitless and Code Black which are new this year. Too many to choose from. Glad your safe and have new tires. I just got new tires because it was time. Love the shirts!!! We are going to be 99 degrees today, its just crazy. Have a nice weekend.

  2. Quantico! I am already so obsessed with this show - cant wait to see how it's going to go!

    Oh man... I'm so bummed for you with your car!!!!

    Hey - if you want any help eating healthy, let me know if you want to any help & suggestions with doing the 21 day fix - its been life changing for me :)

  3. I love the fall weather too. It's been absolutely beautiful around here. I haven't seen Quantico or Blindspot. We started the new show called Limitless. It's pretty good so far.

  4. Welcome back to Friday Fragments! I have never visited Denmark but it is high on my list. Those shirts are great! I, too have held the families in SC in my thoughts. My family suffered a lot with Allison so I understand how devastating flooding like that can be. Enjoy catching up on you shows!

  5. I need to look for Quantico! Sounds like one we would enjoy. We do watch it. Denmark has never been on my short list, but perhaps it needs a second look! :) Happy Friday!

  6. First fragments in a long time for me too!
    I am planning to binge watch Blacklist next week. Last week we watched all 3 seasons of Newsroom, I liked it. I will have to check out the other two too.
    OMGoodness. I am so glad you weren't hurt.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. This is a great time of year. A little chilly for my walks in the morning, but the days warm up enough that I cannot complain. My one complaint is that the days are getting so short. :-( Yikes - we had to have a wheel and a tired replaced several years ago and it was NOT cheap! Thankful, though, that you weren't hurt. Eating like an adult ... I hear you. Too bad I want to eat like a teenager who's on the swim team. ha!

  8. You're the second blog I've read this evening that mentions Blindspot. I'm late to the party, but might have to check it out. We're in season 2 of The Blacklist, which isn't as good as Season 1 in my opinion, but my daughter told me to hang in so we are. I do love James Spader. Enjoy your's been raining hard all the ding dong day today, but next week looks bright and sunny!

  9. I've never visited Denmark but my dad visited in his young days and he always said to me I should visit someday as he loved it. I hope someday I will visit. Thanks for sharing.

    Dropping by from the Friday Fragments linkup.


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