So Long October Friday Frags

Friday Fragments #18
 I don't know about you, but I am SO glad to see October on its way out. I have been swamped with meetings the past couple of weeks. (Mental note: Have my Oct. meetings in Sept. next year.)

 This week has been especially hectic. We had Family Fun Night at 1 of my schools on Tuesday, and tonight is our Fall Festival at the other. I usually wouldn't do go to evening functions if both have it on the same week, but the Fun Night was one of our mandatory nights, and the Fall Festival only comes around once a year. AND, it's a way to make a little bit of money for my room.

 Next week, 2 coworkers & I are presenting at our state conference. This will be my first time presenting, so I'm just a little nervous. I don't expect very many people to be listening to us since the conference is rather small.

 I spent a couple of hours last night making a business card. It was super-easy and rather fun! Here's a sneak peek:
Since I use the same Instagram & Twitter account for personal & business, you now know where to follow me!

 I've lost 9 lbs. so far...without walking. I know it's mostly/all water, and I know it's time to do some walking along with it. I just haven't had time with everything else I feel I need to do (like make business cards!) to pull the treadmill down. Maybe when I do I'll get around to catching up with everybody's blogs!

 Have a fantastic weekend! Don't forget to check out Traci at A Star in my Own Universe to link up with your frags!


  1. Way to go on presenting at your state conference! That's something to be proud of!

  2. Hey, didn't you get the memo - things are supposed to be slower in October!
    You're one busy girl!

  3. I like the business card. Very nice!

  4. Congrats on the 9 lbs - that's fantastic!!!!

  5. congrats on your weight loss, enjoy your weekend.

  6. Congratulations for losing 9 pounds!! A great start! Hope you can relax on Sunday!


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