Foto Friday: 1

There was a linky that I participated in a few times where you looked back over your instagram pictures and put them in a post. I decided to do something similar, only with any pictures that I took through the week; not just the ones that got posted on IG.  So, here we go with my favorite pictures from this week:
This was my favorite picture from the overnight camping trip:
 Pepper peaking over the porch step: 
 This was delivered in my email the other day:
 It seems like I get weekly reminders with that quote!
Sweet & Spicy Bourbon Broiled Salmon. I'm trying a new recipe a week from my new book by Father Leo. Even though CH isn't a big fish-eater, he said this was "okay" (followed by, "I'm just not a big fish-eater.) I thought it was excellent.

Early morning Mass with Daddy:
The butterfly bush is doing amazing:
 My Chinese balloon plant, not so great:
 I caught these 2 sneaking a snack from the hummingbird feeder. 
It was so sweet; the one on the feeder would get on the pole and feed the other bird. 
I don't know if 1 is a male and 1 is female, or if 1 is an adult and the other is young. If you know, please educate me on this!
 When he flew away, she decided to give a go by herself:
Next time, I'm going to use a different kind of cheese that YS told me about. It doesn't get hard after it cools down, but it's not like the nacho cheese that you buy in a jar, either. He also suggested that I not put the nachos on the bottom; we'll put them on our plate and then scoop all that goodness on top. I think next time I'm going to add black beans and have shredded lettuce on the side. It was really good!
That does it for my recap from this week. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I am definitely going to try those nachos! All great pictures!


  2. Just a little tip...bake the nachos first (10-20 min), then pile the stuff on and set it back in the oven. The nachos stay firm and don't get soggy. Smiles

    Have a great Friday...

  3. Beautiful shot from your camping trip and also of your Pepper! I know nothing about plants and flowers and think your purple balloon plant looks just fine. Love watching the hummingbirds, but don't know anything about them either. Yum on the nachos!

  4. I too am going to give those nachos a try. What kind of cheese are you going to use next time?

    DH isn't a fan of salmon, and I'd like to eat it more often. I think he just hasn't had any good salmon that hasn't bee overlooked ... if he had some good salmon cooked properly, I think he might like it better. Or not. Ha!

  5. Your butterfly bush is gorgeous! I need one in my new yard : ) Have a great weekend!

  6. Love your photos. I think my favorite is the first one from the camping trip. I clicked on it so I could see it full screen size and it really is beautiful!! I believe the woodpecker with the red on the head is the male since the male species are usually more decorative than the females in the animal kingdom. That would be my guess. : ) Have a beautiful weekend!!! xo

    ~ Wendy

  7. Little Pepper is very cute and such a good name for a dog. I love the picture from your camping trip.

  8. I have had my Hummingbird Feeders out since early May and haven't had a single one. Boo! Hoo! Enjoyed all your photos. The Salmon looked wonderful to me. I love to eat it, but am awful at cooking it, or any fish for that matter. Beautiful flowers!

  9. These are very nice photos. I especially enjoyed the pictures of the birds. I never can get a clear shot of them. You did great! Your nachos sound great, too.

    Have a blessed week!


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