Foto Friday {3}

Another Friday already? At this rate, I'll be back in school way too soon!

I came home to this on Monday. The local utilities board is replacing all of the wire, and when the guy pulled the wire to our house, the trim came with it. He nailed it back up and moved the phone wire from a hook on that section (which is why that happened) to somewhere more secure.
A robin is making her nest in a tree next to the house. I thought it was too late in the year for that, but I guess she knows what she's doing. I felt so bad for her; she found a little piece of paper and worked so hard to get it up in the tree, but then it blew back out.
When we picked out Laika, the markings on her lower back looked like a thong. As she's gotten older, the black space has increased.
                                     I caught this butterfly on the butterfly bush.
Our yard has been the Love Shack for small animals lately. The robins & doves from last week, and now the rabbits.

I tried the carne asada nachos again with the cheese YS suggested. Next time I'll have 2 packages on hand and melt the cheese first, then pour it over the nachos. They were still good, but I had to add Mexican Cheese Blend to it because 1 package wasn't enough.

I made cookies the other day...1 recipe made about 4 dozen! These taste a lot like the cookies you get at the grocery store, but they don't taste like they're coated in flour! They were excellent. 
That takes care of my week. How was yours?


  1. My week wasn't as pretty or tasty as yours!! I had to giggle at your sweet pup with the thong on!

  2. Love the butterfly on the butterfly bush.
    Cute bunnies and birds.
    The cookie looks delicious!

    Great week in pictures.

  3. Enjoyed your photos. That nachos look delicious! Have a nice weekend.

  4. Love getting a peek at your life in a small town. Mine as not as interesting, unless you count my wheel flying off the car.

  5. Your dog's thong! HA ha ha ha ha! Reminds me of how my brothers would tease each other about their swim suits and the one (the comic) ALWAYS talked about wearing his 5" thong :)


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