Foto Friday {4}

Here’s a look at my week through pictures (with a few words tossed in there!):
Most mornings, this is where you'll find me. On my back porch with my notebook that has daily readings from the Mass & a cup of coffee. This is my favorite time of the day: It's not too hot, the birds are singing, and it's pretty quiet.
I caught this beauty on the butterfly bush.
I had my camera in my car on Monday since I took it for a good cleaning. I was talking to a friend after Mass, and this caught my eye:
 The sky was perfect for a picture. This is unfiltered/untouched:
 I got a delivery from Thriftbooks!!! (If you sign up through the link I provided, we'll both be registered for a chance to win $100 gift card!)
 I was sitting at the kitchen table & kept hearing a very staccato, very loud chirp. I finally got up and looked out of the door, grabbed my camera, and snapped this picture (I was really surprised she stayed there that long...Cardinals can be pretty elusive!):
I found a podcast that was a bit intriguing. When I visited her blog, I saw that she sells koozies!
I was sitting very close to this bird feeder when a very brave little woodpecker came to get her sugar fix. She kept a close eye on me, though!
Hummingbird pictures are few & far between this summer, thanks to the woodpeckers taking over this feeder. I have a couple of other feeders, but this is the only one that has a place for them to perch; the hummingbirds seem to like this one the best.

Last night we had dinner with some friends from England; they spent a couple of nights camping in Cades Cove before heading west. CH met them when he rode the Continental Divide; our friends were beginning their ride around the world on a motorcycle. When we visited London, we took a day and rode the train down to Surrey & spent the day with them. Now, they're beginning a journey through Central & South America...this time in a van that they'll be camping out of. We can't believe we didn't get a picture, but here's a picture from 2011...we're a bit older, but still look pretty much the same!

That's it for my week! I've been busy trying to finish up my goals for new products in my Teachers Pay Teachers store so I can get busy with other things that need to be done. How was your week?


  1. What is this Thriftbooks???? Oh gosh - I'm checking it out!
    That picture of the church with the sky is beautiful!

  2. Love seeing your week in photos. Can you believe I still haven't made those nachos? Yikes! Hopefully now that life has settled down a little, I'll make,them soon!

  3. Love the rainbow in the window effect picture. So very cool. Love the woodpecker peeking at you too.. Once again a great week of pictures. Glad you got some time with your friends too. Hope you have a great weekend.

  4. How cute with the woodpecker on the hummingbird feeder :) I signed up for ThriftReads :)


  5. I really enjoyed the photos and hearing about your week!


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