Foto Friday {10}

Linking up with Breathing in Grace (now that I know there's a linky & I'm not just out there on my own!)
It was a busy week is going to be even busier!
Sunday, CH & I bought some new couches, and we brought them home on Monday.
Sunday was my daddy's 91st birthday. Just a few of us got together at his house for cake & ice cream.
Monday I powerwashed the back porch. When I powerwashed the steps, I made sure not to get any of the sidewalk so I wouldn't have to powerwash that, too.
The granddog is visiting again. He had no trouble settling in!

As busy as it was, I didn't take very many pictures! 


  1. I really like the couches you bought. They look great...and most important, they look comfortable. Grandpup does look quite comfortable. Hope you can relax some this weekend. May God continue to bless your dad with good health and a great year ahead!

  2. Oh your granddog is so cute! Happy birthday to your Daddy! Enjoy football from those new comfy couches : )

  3. Happy 91st birthday to your Dad....that's awesome!! My Mamaw would have been 100 had she lived 4 more months.....such a blessing to have been my age and still had a grandparent! Your grandpup is BIG! LOL Looks like he's very comfortable at your house! Powerwashing....oh, my....I did that last fall and my shoulder hurt for months and months afterward. It's not for sissies....LOL THANK YOU so much for linking up with my FFF...PLEASE come back next week!

  4. Happy 91st birthday to your father. How wonderful to be able to celebrate with him. Treasure those precious moments. My Dad lived to be 92+, and we have a wonderful video of him singing happy birthday to himself on his 92nd birthday, with the rest of the family singing along. One of my treasures. Enjoyed hearing about your week. Cleaning is one of those things that never seems to end. You are an inspiration.

  5. Wishing your Dad a happy birthday.
    Those couches look so comfortable! The grandpuppy is just so cute taking his nap there.

  6. The granddog takes a lot of space, lol !

  7. How blessed you are to still have your dad here!! That cake is so pretty. Your granddog looks very content being at Grandma's house!! : ) Thank you so much for visiting my blog. It's nice to reconnect with yours. You live in a beautiful part of the country. I loved Tennessee!! My in-laws live in Elizabethtown. My brother in law just got engaged so we'll probably be making a return trip next year. : ) xoxo

    ~ Wendy

  8. Happy belated birthday to your dad! The cake looks gorgeous ♥


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