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Linking up with Breathing in Grace for Friday Foto Friends, even though I'm a day late!

I didn't take very many pictures over the past week, but here's what I have:
Sunday, CH & I drove a little over an hour to our favorite apple place.  We met friends who were in the area from NJ for brunch. On the way there, I panicked just a bit because google indicated that it was closed on Sunday, but they must not have updated their seasonal hours.
They have a delicious restaurant on site, and a large variety of apples for a very reasonable price. I wrote about Carver's Orchard & Applehouse Restaurant here, just in case you're going to be in the area!
After days of frustration after my computer crashed while attempting to download the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, I decided to bite the bullet and just get a new laptop. My previous laptop was about 3 years old; I bought it as a closeout and only paid about $200 for it. So, I guess it was time. My brother's reasoning put me across the "do I buy a new one or not" line by saying, "Just get a new one. It's just money." Luckily I had backed up my laptop in July, so there weren't very many things that I lost...nothing important, anyway. 

Y'all: this is the best bag ever!  Do you see how much stuff it holds? And I had room to spare! I bought this bag a couple of years ago from Initials, Inc. Their bags are reasonably priced and are great quality. This really is the best bag ever!

I really was making an effort to post more often, but...life gets in the way & there just isn't time. Hopefully I can get back on track soon! This coming week is a short work week for me: Sisters' Weekend starts Thursday evening!!!


  1. I hope you will like your new computer. I also hope you have a great sister's weekend.

  2. Ms. Mary, thank you so much for joining in my Friday Foto Friends. I live in East Tennessee, too and my hubby and I go go Carver's sometimes!!! We live in Strawberry Plains. What a small, small world!!! ;-) HOPE you'll join in again next Friday....happy Saturday!

  3. $200 bucks for a laptop, wow. I'd be devastated if anything happened to my Macbook and it's at least five years old, probably a lot older. Cool apple pic, apple, ha.

  4. Great photos! Visiting the orchard is the one thing I really miss since we moved south. Our favorite day trip was to the Catoctin Mountain Orchard in Maryland. Camp David is located there, too. I LOVE that bag! Need to look Initials up!

  5. Oh how we love fresh apples!!! Someone brought me some from New York State and I've been enjoying them so much. Trying not to use them up too quickly!!!We don't get really good apples here in Florida very often!
    Sorry about your computer crash. Good reminder to back up. I need to do that badly...I'd hate to lose a lot of stuff. So... Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings to you.

  6. Apple orchards have such a wonderful atmosphere when the fruit is ready to pick. We used to pick fruit when I was a kid and we spend the next day canning them. Good times.

  7. Love the apple place! Sisters' weekend sounds like such fun! I would have to have one with my 3 brothers though so...no thanks. LOL

  8. You are not the only one whose computer gave up it's soul after trying to absorb Window 10 ! My little travel computer told me that it had not enough space. With my laptop I had no problems.

  9. I know what you mean about life getting in the way, it's happening to me at the moment too, haha. Have a nice week and great Sisters weekend.


  10. Thanks so much for posting about your bag. I'm in dire need of a new one. My current one is almost three years old. I bought it from a street vendor in Manhattan. I love it but it's starting to show lots of wear and it's time to send it to bag heaven. : ) I just realized why you call your husband CH. It made me LOL!!! Does he know about this?? LOL!! My husband just lost more than 50 lbs. so I can't call him that anymore. It's so easy for men. Gets me so aggravated!! : ) xo

    ~ Wendy


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