Foto Friday {9}

I discovered the selfie stick that we got when we were in the Outer Banks this summer really does work! (I really thought I had my phone on the right setting!) Obviously we have no idea where we're supposed to look when we take a selfie!!!
When I carried a limb across the street at my dad's house, I saw this in the driveway:
I was 7 when the driveway was paved. Oh, the memories!
We had a tragedy in our county last week. A police officer was killed in the line of duty. He was an officer for the Rival Town, but everyone in the county, regardless of whether you're from the Small Town, Rival Town, or the county, has pulled together. One of the elementary schools have this in front of the school:
This is why I try to make it a point to leave school right at 3:00, or definitely before 4:00:
Jennifer Fulwiler is a former atheist who converted to Catholicism. She always has the most interesting guests on her show!
Hope everyone (all 3 of you who read my posts!) has a safe, wonderful holiday weekend!


  1. Surely you have more than three people who read your interesting and funny and insightful and wise posts!?
    I'm not good at selfies either, but someone told me to look at the top of the phone when snapping the photo. Let me know if you try it....I haven't yet! LOL

  2. Yeah, I don't know where to look when taking a selfie either. You just gave me an idea though- I need a selfie stick. I cannot seem to get a selfie with me and the granddaughter. I get pieces of us but...LOL Sorry about the officer. It is nice to see everyone coming together though. Have a wonderful weekend!


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