Exploring East Tennessee: New Fall Sights!

This weekend, CH & I stayed a little closer to home. I saw a segment on a local tv channel a couple of weeks ago that highlighted a few places in Sevier County that I didn't know about. It took some time on the internet (they didn't have the maps linked like they said they would), but I found maps for each place.
The tour started at the statue of Tennessee's favorite (and arguably most famous) daughter, Dolly Parton:
I didn't think it looked very much like her, but I can cross that off the list! The statue is just outside of Sevier County's Courthouse; I had never been to it but had seen it many times from the road next to it. It's an absolutely beautiful building on the outside.
Next, we went to a community college to see a plaque commemorating a civil war battle not far from that spot. Fair Garden is considered a "minor battle", but a couple of people who were involved in it are interesting: Colonel Eli Lilly (founder of the Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical Company) and General Sturgis (Sturgis, SD is named after him). 
The next stop was Harrisburg Covered Bridge. I had no idea there was a covered bridge so close to me; I love covered bridges!

Harrisburg Covered Bridge is one of 4 covered bridges in Tennessee.
In 1975 the Daughters of the American Revolution raised the funds to renovate the bridge.

Here is another covered bridge that I saw a few years ago when I visited OS & we went hiking:
Next on the list was the Fox Cemetery. The first person buried here was Mark Fox, who was scalped by Indians. I walked around but couldn't find his grave. I told CH that it's too bad they don't have it marked, but maybe they aren't sure which one is his. 

Some of the headstones were interesting.
English Mountain provides the backdrop:

Civil War Veterans rest here:
I thought maybe he was killed during the Fair Ground Battle, but he passed away 2 years after the battle took place.

Our last stop was Blowing Cave Mill:
 It's currently under renovation, and it looks as though there's quite a bit of work to be done.
The brothers who built the mill also built the Harrisburg Covered Bridge. (per http://www.fitzwaterwheel.com/FitzMills.html)
I snapped a couple of pictures along the way. This just screams "FALL", doesn't it?
 And, purple rocking chairs, because this is the South and we love our rockers!
Have you found some places in your area that you are just now discovering?


  1. You should visit Rogersville, Tn sometime. The first weekend of October is Heritage Days. Davy Crockett cemetery is there, Davy Crockett's grandparents who was killed by Native Americans is buried there. Not too far out of town is Ebbing and Flowing Springs which is only one of two known springs in the world known to exhibit tidal characteristics.

  2. I enjoyed my visit to Tennessee via your blog. Beautiful and interesting. I have not found any new places recently to investigate. However, What I have discovered right in front of my nose are a few places I have neglected to photograph. It is turning cold and snowy here soon, but because of your trip I just promised myself a look into future exploration of my area. Thank yo!

  3. I love Tennesee! And being a big Dolly fan I''ve visited Sevier county.
    Dolly pretends to be a hillbilly of sorts but the truth is she's one smart, savy
    talented, gifted business woman. Enjoyed all the photos. Thanks for sharing!

  4. What FUN!! Joe and I love to go out exploring and finding obscure places to visit! About a year ago, we discovered Solomon's Castle and have been back a few times. Here is the link: http://solomonscastle.com/ Florida is full of treasures, as are most states. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us!

  5. Covered bridges and cemeteries are two things I like to visit. Sounds like you are having a nice time exploring.

  6. Awesome! I've visited the covered bridge, too. I'm betting those rockers are purple because that's SCHS's school color! Thanks for the local tour!

  7. Now I know some things we can go see the next time we are in the area. Especially I would like to see the Dolly statue and the covered bridge.


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