{Thankful Thursday} Thanksgiving Edition

I have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving...I'll try to keep it to just a few things!

🏈 1 more Thanksgiving with my daddy. 

🏈 Firefighters that saved the school and many houses.
🏈 Not only firefighters, but the forestry service. And the National Guard.

🏈 Friends who allow me to use their pictures (see above).

🏈 A husband who didn't ask me to fix the usual banana pudding for the office Thanksgiving Dinner because he thought I was too busy. (Since I didn't have to go to school on Tuesday because of the fire, I went to the store, bought the ingredients, made it, and had it to him about 30 minutes before they ate.)

I hope you have a very wonderful Thanksgiving!

I'm linking up with Rebecca Jo  at Knit by God's Hand for Thankful Thursday.


  1. Wonderful things to be thankful for Mary. Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving.

  2. Wishing you and yours a blessed Thanksgiving! God bless the firefighters and their families too!

  3. OH man... isnt that the truth. SO thankful for the people that fight so hard to save nature & schools & homes from those horrible fires. Such giving people of their time & physical demands.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family!!!

  4. I love your list and how awesome that you made the pudding!


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