{Friday Foto Friends} Thanksgiving Hangover

Time for another Friday Foto Friends hosted by Deb at Breathing in Grace.  As I said last week, I use this as an opportunity to summarize my week and events that are going on in the Small Town.
Sunday between Masses, our parish held a "Harvest of Blessings" in the Parish Hall. Different ministries set up tables to give parishioners information and a chance to donate to the different ministries. So, yeah; it's a fundraiser. The Council of Catholic Women (CCW) did a table with Cookies and baked goods, Crafts, and What-nots. The baked goods sold very well; the other things were a bit iffy. 
The firefighters are continuing to get the fires near my mountain school under control. There has been no school there since last Thursday; the whole system had Wednesday off for the Thanksgiving Holiday. On Tuesday, I was blowing the driveway off when I heard a helicopter. I didn't think to take my phone out of my pocket to snap a picture, which was really too bad because the one that flew over had a bucket hanging from it and it would have been a great picture! I snapped this one flying over (minus the bucket) on Wednesday. All of us who have anything to do with that community will be forever grateful to the firefighters...no structures were lost.
Wednesday, I had a haircut & pedi scheduled. This is my girl, Charity. She does an amazing job with my giant "peasant" feet! We have a good time during that hour catching up and chatting. 💕 her!
I finished my pie-making and was very pleased with how my pies turned out. They were both new recipes, and were absolutely amazing!
 Mass on Thanksgiving: There were quite a few people there, which is great for that day to not be a Holy Day of Obligation (a day when it is required for us to attend Mass). The picture above is a blanket that was blessed by the Priest. This will go to someone who is ill. Father does this during a Weekday Mass as needed. As we go to receive the Eucharist in Communion, we are invited to lay our hand on the blanket and say a short prayer for the person receiving it.
I didn't get to this table in time, but this table was directly behind the blanket table. People brought their Thanksgiving Bread in and put it on the table to be blessed during Mass. A couple of youth baked small loaves of bread to be given away. The table was completely full (and overflowing) during Mass. I love this tradition that our current Priest started a few years ago.
Last picture! This was our Thanksgiving Table. I completely forgot to get a picture of the "food table" before everyone dug in. On the menu: turkey (duh!), ham, Tipsy Sweet Potatoes (using Tennessee Honey...delish!), Dressing (another new recipe because I couldn't find the one I usually use...CH thought it was his granny's recipe, so I'd say it turned out well!), garlic green beans, Holy Bread (see bread picture above!), orange cranberry salad (thank you, Publix!), deviled eggs, and a couple of fruit/cool whip salads. Oh, and pies for dessert, which no one ate until much later. 2 of the 3 boys were here; MS is too far away to justify coming home for a long weekend. My dad and 1 of YS' friends also joined us.
It was nice to have Thanksgiving at my own house, and to cook the whole dinner by myself. YS helped out by clearing the dishes & loading the dishwasher for me. OS left for his house after a few hours; his roommates aren't home, so I think he was looking forward to some peace & quiet for a while. 
I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!


  1. What a lovely idea of blessing the bread and also the blessing of the blanket. Hope all your family had a Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. I love the photo with your taart (pie). Hope you have had a Good Day.

  3. Hahahaha! I had the same problem with the food table. By the time I remembered I hadn't taken a picture, everyone had dug in and some had finished with one exception. I made him stop eating right away while I took the shot. LOL The fund-raiser looks like fun! And THOSE PIES! Goodness!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving, full of blessings for others as well as your family. Such wonderful traditions and ministries. Hope the fires go away soon. Praying for you.

  5. What a great THANKSgiving you had with your family. Are the fires out yet? We've had some smoky days in our area which hasn't helped this bronchitis/cough/crud I'm battling. I feel so sorry for those firefighters right in the midst of it. I know you're very grateful since the fire is/was so close to your home. Thanks for sharing....and those pies look AWESOME!!!

  6. We had a lovely day and it sounds like you did too! I sure hope the fires stop burning soon!

  7. It looks and sounds like you had a very nice week. One of these days I need to get a pedicure. Of course, I've never even had a manicure. lol

  8. Glad CH enjoyed your "STUFFING!" <((><

  9. Happy you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Mary! I have a close friend who lives in Walland, TN...just moved into a new home, in fact. The fires aren't too close to her right now, but that could always change. Said it's been very scary.

  10. I've been thinking about you with all of the terrible fires in your beautiful state. How sad and frightening!

    And it looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!


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