A Do Nothing Wednesday Medley

It's just like the Wednesday Hodgepodge, but with a new name and a new "hostess with the mostess"! Much thanks to Terri for continuing our Wednesday Q&A...I'm looking forward to being reacquainted with old friends and meeting new ones.

Wednesday, January 16th, is National Do Nothing Day!! National Nothing Day was proposed in 1972 by columnist Harold Pullman Coffin. This day has been observed annually since 1973. Of course, the way to celebrate it is to do nothing! 

1.  To commemorate Do Nothing Day in SOME way, tell us something about your life (or the life of someone close to you) in 1973!! 

Wow. 1973: I was 9 years old & I have no idea what was going on! At that time, I suppose my 2 oldest sisters had moved out so that left 8 of us living in the house, plus my parents. Other than that, I have no idea what was happening! 

2.  Now that we are thinking back, please tell us what your favorite past time was as a child.

Summers were spent going to the community swimming pool and playing outdoor games (hide & seek, rolly bats, fruit basket turn-over, etc) with the neighborhood kids at night. 

3.  What is the best way to cheer you up on a bad day? 

Honestly? Just leave me alone. Definitely, don't keep asking me what's wrong! 

4.  How old were you when you first started dating? Do you remember your first date?

I went on my first date at 15. My parents had 16 as the age to date, but they allowed me to go out with this one guy because his niece went with us. At least she started out the date with us, then went home after a while. I didn't date a whole lot, but in high school I dated a couple of pretty terrific guys. 
I need to clarify the whole "niece" thing: the guy I went out with was a year older than I; his niece was a year younger. We actually met at band camp; he went to a different school & his niece introduced us and set us up. It was a "one and done" kind of thing, which was a good thing because I think he could be considered a "bad boy". 

5.  Today is also National Fig Newton day.  Do you like figs/Fig Newtons?

Here is my weirdness shining through: I like fig newtons the best when they're a little crunchy on the outside. I do like fig newtons, but that's my favorite way to eat them!

6.  Tell us something random about your week.

There's not much going on around here. OS completed a Wilderness Emergency Medical Response Course last week, so he was gone & we watched the granddog for him. He is such a sweet dog. 

I'm looking forward to a long weekend of doing nothing in celebration of "Do Nothing Day"!

Thanks again, Terri, for hosting! Want to get in on the Wednesday Medley? Check her blog Your Friend from Florida on Tuesdays to get the questions, then don't forget to link up on Wednesdays!


  1. We are the same age. Who knew? I'm stuck on your comment that 2 sisters had moved out and there were still 8 people living in the house. I was an only child and just imagining that gives me a wee bit of anxiety. I'm not a big fan of tons of people and chaos....so what did I do but marry the middle child of 7! LOL I enjoyed your answers today. Have a blessed day!

  2. Glad you didn't hang out with that bad boy too long! :-) With that many siblings, you must have some fun family reunions. That's wonderful! Have a good week.

  3. Being asked what's wrong when you're feeling less than cheerful is so annoying. :)


  4. I do not remember much from 1973 either.
    Sometimes I like to be left alone when I am upset too. I loved your answers! Have a nice week!


  5. Thanks for joining in today, Mary! Bad boys have shown up a couple of times in blogs today! I enjoyed your answers! Grandpup is very pretty! Now that you mention it, I like Fig Newtons when they are crunchy too.


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